View Full Version : I have a .ty file....where to go from here?

01-27-2003, 10:10 AM
I finally have my tivo extracting streams OK. I have a nice .ty file on my WinXP box.

I've been reading many posts, and everybody seems to be using different software. Some of the posts are out of date, so I just wanted to get a quick run down of the best/newest software to go from .ty to .mpg (for VCD or DVD). I'm more than willing to read an FAQ, if you have a link to one that is current.

I have used tytool5r2+ to split the files into .m2a and .m2v files. The files seem to be OK, because I can play them via quicktime separately. I've tried using TMPGEnc, but it doesn't like the .m2a file, and will either error out or just crash.

So, do I need to convert the .m2a to .wav, and then use TMPGEnc?

Also, is there an ftp site somewhere that has all these utilities available?


01-27-2003, 10:31 AM
be sure the version of tmpgenc you are using supports mpg2 files (i think 2.59 or higher does by default) if you are using a lower version there is a vfapi that has to be installed to add support.

not a bad idea to convert to wav and then back to ac3 (if you are going the dvd route)

I know I was having a problem with the video in tmpgenc until I first ran it through dvd2avi and saved it as a project or *.d2v which seems to feed the mpg info to tmpgenc in a more friendly way.

If you are going the dvd route and your dvd player will play tystreams it is best to skip tmpgenc all together and use either ifoedit or spruceup to make your dvd's (serach around, there are several quick how to's in here for using those two programs.) It is definatlely quicker.
But, if you are stuck with a crappy dvd player (like me) or are worried about compatibility with other dvd players tmpgenc is the way to go.

There is no ftp for all the utilities that I have seen, but checkout vcdhelp.com and doom9.org, they will have much of what you need.

01-29-2003, 08:18 AM
Thanks for the pointers zabs. After playing around with TMPGEnc, I finally made it read the .m2a file, but it would crash during encoding. I just decided to convert to .wav.

I have burned the SVCD, and it works great. Now need to work on editing out commercials. For any other newbies reading this post....here are my steps. YMMV

1. Extracted the .ty file to my PC via TivoWeb and mfsstream.
2. Used tytool5r2+ to split file to .m2a and .m2v
3. Changed file extension from .m2a to .mp2 and used WinAmp to convert it to a .wav file.
4. Used DVD2AVI to convert .m2v to .d2v
5. Used TMPGEnc Plus to combine the files (.d2v and .wav), set the offset, and encode into mpeg.
6. Used Nero to burn.

Works great with PowerDVD on my PC, will do some testing on standalone dvd players this week.