View Full Version : How to Convert MP2 (m2A) to MP3 48000 khz 128 kbps CBR Stereo 16 kb/s ?

01-27-2003, 05:49 PM
How to Convert MP2 (m2A) to MP3 48000 khz 128 kbps CBR Stereo 16 kb/s using Besweet?

I am using virtualDub modified that lets me feed the .M2V (video)file but it will not take the M2A (audio)file.

If I am able to convert the MP2 (M2A) file to MP3 format precisely as described above, I will be very happy.

Then I would be able to take MY m2V and Converted MP3 file, feed it to VirtualDUB, use DIVX 5.02 for video compresion (full processing) and set Audio settings to "Direct Stream Copy" and have as a result an AVI file that is fully compliant with Archos Jukeboxx Multimedia.

Can anyone show me how to do this with a tool like BeSweet, if you do can you post the full command line.

Besweet can transcode 1 hour of audio like in 5 minutes, that is why I prefer it.

I have been using other ways and I get AudioSync problems.

It is been suggested to use Winamp to convert from MP2 to wave, then feed the resultant file to VirtualDub.

Archos Jukebox is very specific about the file format it needs, it will not like it any other way

VirtulaDub has a conversion and Compresion settings that it is suposed to let me do this, but the resulting avi file will not play sound in Archos JukeBox.

Please help!

01-28-2003, 01:40 PM
I am only looking for Besweet command line to convert the file either straight to MP3 with previous format as described in my previuos post or it could be converted to wav.

My main goal is to take a video stream .m2v and converted to a 352x288 Divx format along with the mp3 in the format that I specified at the beginning of this post.