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01-28-2003, 05:32 PM
Hello, newbie here!
OK I've seen alot of information posted about hacking the Tivo, and alot of information about different hacks. Apparently there is no central information on what can or cannot be done on a Series2 SA Tivo. At least not one that I have found. Is there a hacking a Series 2 SA FAQ? Basically I'm looking for hacks that can be performed on a Series 2 SA Tivo.

All the hacks are interesting and exciting but I'm not sure they will work on my machine. Please help. Also has anyone done a quality comparison for a video tuner/capture card configuration as opposed to a dedicated Tivo?

Thanks any help....


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02-11-2003, 05:34 PM
Yes, I just purchased a Series2 Stand alone 80 hour unit as well. My first Tivo ever. I think its great, but I would also like to see a FAQ on hacking when I decide to do this..... More hard drive space most importantly..

02-28-2003, 03:08 PM
> like to see a FAQ on hacking...hard drive...

The MFSTools work just fine on series 2 TiVo's to backup, restore & add larger drives. See: <http://www.newreleasesvideo.com/hinsdale-how-to/index9.html> for all the details. (thx. tiger!)