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01-30-2003, 12:23 AM

I'm a TiVo extraction noob looking for a kick-start.

I think I understand how to extract the split stream, write it to a DVD and watch it on a DVD player.

However, my goal is to have reasonably-sized files that will fit an entire hour-long show onto a 74-minute CDR, and viewed using windows Media Player.

Overall picture quality is of some concern. Resolution of the final product isn't a major issue, as long as it's full-motion video. Heck, for the most part I'd be happy with a clear, smooth 320x240.

TiVoAPP comes close, but the size of the extracted MPEG-2 is a liability. It would meet my needs perfectly if there was a way for me to control the final resolution.

Can anyone help me understand what it will take to meet my goal?

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Tim ==

01-30-2003, 12:32 AM
Your best bet (I think) will be using tmpgenc.

Take your extracted and split tystream:

Use dvd2avi (process no audio track) to save a project file (*.d2v) that can be used by tmpgenc (without crashing all the time)
You will then load the *.d2v file in tmpgenc for the video portion

Then use either winamp or besweet to convert the mp2 audio to wav (again this will prevent alot of crashing in tmpgenc.)

Load up tmpgenc and select the proper VCD template (either NTSC or PAL, not NTSCFilm) from the Project Wizard. You will then load the d2v and wav file, it should suggest a compression amount that will fit a 700 mb cd and you should be on your way.