View Full Version : UTV Seagate Locked Drive

01-30-2003, 10:00 PM
I posted this in the Tivo Section. Wrong section. Can any one help me here?I very rarely post. I am mostly a reader. I have learned to do most all hacks just by reading this form. But I also am stumped with this Seagate. I have a Seagate of of a Toastd UTV. I have read all the threads I can. I found most posts on the Western drive and the two ways to unlock it. I have used the siad utilities to unlock the Western. But this Seagate is a diffrent dog. I have used the Seagate utilities on a dos disk but still no go. It will let me in, read the disk and say it is ready to be used.....but it is still locked. If any one has a way other than the pc swap, please let me know. The utv is dead and will not boot. Or if there is a form or thread that you could link me to. I am more that happy to read. In fact, I would rather do so.

Thank you to this form and all that post here.