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02-04-2003, 12:26 AM
i have a geforce ti 4400 128MB video card and when i try to play the tivo file i extracted and spilt (and already "tricked" it by changing the header) it pops up one frame of the video file (DS9) then it pops up an error msg for a split second that says something like "insufficient video memory plz change settings" i am using win XP pro and never had any problems like this before. except when i try to go to full screen in the media player when playing music it says the same thing...weird..any ideas???

02-05-2003, 09:08 AM
If you're viewing the m2v & m2a files in a viewer you shouldn't have to patch the 1st header. This is only required to allow you to import the files into either SpruceUp or DVD Maestro. Windows Media Player doesn't work well with tyfiles. You can use the Elecard media player but I'm not sure if it will play the sound file (it does play the straight unmodified m2v file, however). You can also use SpruceUp or Maestro (with Cinemaster2000) for viewing tyfiles. You will have to patch the files to import them and then repatch it when it's finished but you should be able to view the video clips with no problems. Check the How Tos Only sticky in the DTivo hacking forum for links to download any of these programs.

02-06-2003, 07:36 AM
hi captain_video ,

sorry i wasnt clear....this is the steps i am following:
How to Extract Video from your DSR6000 and make a DVD

I have now tested my DVDs in a number of players, and it appears that there are 3 general classes of DVD players:

1. Players that balk 100% at playing DVD/Rs
2. Players that play DVD/Rs but need well structured Video streams
3. Players that play any *h*t you throw at them

Now if you want to build a Class 2 DVD, you must transcode the video stream, this step adds about 2 hours of processing per hour of video and a possible loss of resolution and synch - but the DVD will play in any DVD player that can play a DVD/R.

How I did this:
- DTivo DSR-6000, original disks
- Homemande Bash Shell cable
- Turbonet card
-DVD burner in your computer

Software Upgrades
- 25Xtreme
- Scrambling turned off (part of 25xtreme update)

Software Installed on Tivo
- Turbonet
- tserver_mfs5, and NowShowing.tcl (both part of the tytool package)

Software Used on PC
- Tytool
- DVD Patcher
- SpruceUp
(see posts following this one for downloads of these.)

Steps taken
A. Extract audio/video -- Instructions with tytool....

B. Here you use the "Resolution Fake-Out" method and create a DVD with the original stream data, but not readable by all DVD players or transcode the video and create a "Class 2" dvd readable on all DVD players which can read DVD/R but adding 2hrs/hr of video and a possible loss of resolution:

Step B-1: Patch Header record of the video stream from a 480x480 video to a 720x480 stream
*The DVD mastering programs complain about how it is a 480x480 not 720x480 stream*
1. Open the m2v file in DVDPatcher
2. Change the 480 Horizontal resolution to 720
3. Select "First header only" in the Patch Menu
4. Hit "Patch now!", then "Start"
5. Do not close DVDPatcher, you will need it again in a moment

Step B-2: Create index files in SpruceUp
1. Open SpruceUp, Choose a "New" project
2. Go to the Media Asset Tab (The One that Looks like a Film Strip)
3. Right Click on the blank blue area, popup will say "Add Media Asset"
4. Choose m2v file modified in step C
5. It will take about 5 min to import, on my machine it crashes at the very end *this is not a
If it balks on the last audio frame, this is not a problem
If it crashes at the end, this is not a problem
* The key here is SpruceUp is creating index files which will allow the file to open next time
you want to use it without an import step
6. If SpruceUp did not crash. close it now

Step B-3: Patch Back to 720 Resolution
1. Return to DVDPatcher
2. Select 480 Horizontal Resolution
3. Hit "Patch now!", then "Start"

C. Mastering in SpruceUp
1. You can now add the media asset as usual in SpruceUp and master the DVD

D. Choose Export, and Burn your DVD

E. Pop it in the DVD Player and enjoy

Now when i do "C" i try to play it in spruce up and it tells me the msg about not enough video memory? i have a great video card and 512 ram. it says the same thing when i try to go to "full screen" mode on windows media player when i listen to music..weird...what do you think?


ps.....i take no credit for the "how to's" in this msg...i just copied and pasted

02-23-2003, 04:27 PM
I ran into this problem with SpruceUp. I was running 1280x1024 on a 19" monitor. I got the same error, insufficient video memory. I have a Kryo II, plenty of memory. I knocked my res down to 1024x768 and don't have a problem.

Yeah, I do have to change it back, one can only take that res on a 19" for so long. As long as Spruce is happy, I'm happy.

Now if only someone could fill me in on how to make 30 min episodes play sequentially one after the next, I'm a happy camper.