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02-05-2003, 07:08 PM
My apologies if this is obvious to most of you and has been mentioned before, but I don't seem to get any shows under 15 minutes to correctly vsplit. I searched the forum and didn't find anything related.

Typically the output from vsplitmux2a consists of a zillion

"Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!"

and wraps up with just a dozen OOB packets found:

Found an OOB packet... The Video Diff is: 01:46:08.788
33333 -> - old Vid ByteCount = 20 D9 B8 to 22 9F A4
33333 -> - new Vid ByteCount = 21 50 10 to 23 35 D4
33333 -> - NOT ALIGNED on the Video... It is an OOB chunk!
Nope... Not in sequence... Skipping it...

A/V Sync Offset: -55882ms (i.e. plays 55882ms late!)

Though longer shows are beautifully split and have only a few ms AV sync offset.

This is on a DTivo 2.5.2, using TyTool5r4 with vsplitmux2a.

One of those files with the problem described above can be copied down from http://www.yoicks.com/Tivo/Soccer.zip.

02-05-2003, 09:08 PM
I split short segments all the time without a problem using the vsplit mode in tytool (as little as 5 or 10 seconds worth). I extract short segments at the beginning of some shows to see where the Dolby Digital soundtracks begin so I know where to set up my jump point. I also do it to clip off any unwanted video (i.e. commercials) at the beginning of a show. I am still completely bewildered why anyone uses the standalone vsplit utility when it's incorporated into a simple to use GUI in tytool. I guess there a lot of diehard command-line typists out there that still like to do it the macho way.

02-06-2003, 04:19 PM
just to clarify, I can successfully split and mux TY files as long as the entire clip is longer than 15 minutes. Any recorded clips downloaded that are shorter than 15 minutes fail to mux with the above error(s).

02-06-2003, 04:39 PM
You still should not be having a problem. I've recorded numerous short test clips and downloaded and split them without a problem. Are you trying to extract clips with Dolby Digital soundtracks? Sometimes you get the error about not being able to find the embedded audio header if the clip starts out as mpeg layer II but the main clip has an ac-3 soundtrack. Try jumping past the beginning of the clip to see if the fault goes away. Set your initial jump point using tytool to about 50 or 60 chunks and extract and split on the fly. If you still get the error messages, try a different jump point (i.e. increase it by 10 or more chunks). If the message comes up right away, terminate tytool and delete the extracted files before you attempt it again or you'll end up with a tom of little files on your hard drive.