View Full Version : Opening log files

02-09-2003, 01:19 PM
I've been having spontaneous reboots of my DirecTiVo a few months after xtreming to 2.5

I upgraded to 2.52 but the problem persists.

In another post I was given the following advice: "Could be power supply problem, or bad hard drive, corrupt software of failing CPU or memory. Or if you have blocked updates with UPDATES=false (or whatever it is) the system will reboot daily and then abort the install each time.

This is what the log files in /var/log are for. They should contain the time and reasons for the reboots. If you have NULLed you log files, then delete them and let them accumalte data again."

Does anyone know how I would go about opening and reading these logs? I thought there was a H/W problem, but I've noticed the reboot at the same time each night (12:33AM EST), as well as other times. So now I think S/W may be the issue.