View Full Version : Muxing m2v and m2a

02-10-2003, 01:46 AM
OK, I havge the Hughes Series 1 Directivo running 3.1 software. I have sucessfully installed TivoWeb (with MFSStream module) and have turned off scrambling so I'm only recording in unscrambled mode. I have also installed tytools,

I can extract a .ty file from my Directivo using either the TivoWeb or tytools and generate m2v and m2a files.

I am then using dvd2avi to generate a project file and then using this file as a video file and the m2a as the audio when I go to mux in tmpgenc to SVCD.

What I am noticing is that the final mpg file created by tmpgenc is totally in sync. However, when played back in windows media player, it sounds ever so slightly fast. I compare the audio with the original m2a file and it is certainly noticable - the m2a file is fine.

I used Nero to burn the mpg file to CD and when played back in my Apex 1500 DVD, it plays back at the right speed but audio appears slightly distorted like you have re-sampled at a lower bit rate or something.

Anyone else had the same problem or have any suggestions?