View Full Version : any reason it'd be bad to send a dsr6000 to philips to repair?

02-10-2003, 11:52 PM
Philips TiVo Service Center: http://www.servicedvr.com/
I figure, they're in California, and I'm in California, so what the heck. Actually, I don't think they are in California anyway. Seems to beat sending it to North Carolina to Truett Electronics.

This isn't a unit that's hacked or anything, or at least that I know of. I just bought it, and it seems defective. Seems to work and boot, but just won't get all the transponders so it can't aquire all the info.

Philips Service Center wants $99.95 and they say that's the maximum you'll pay to repair it, and they pay for lowest return shipping.
Truett Electronis wants $80 + shipping and say "this price does not cover the tuners". Would if it's a tuner I need, that'll be extra.

So anyway, does the Philips TiVo Service Center put anything in these units? Like to lock the prom updates, or anything to "lock" the unit?