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02-11-2003, 05:07 AM
I'm sure I'm missing something. I used tydemux to create my .m2v and .m2a files and then used ifoedit to create my VOBs. Then Nero to burn the dvd+r. Now when I play the dvd in my player it shows video on half the screen with black on the other half. Any ideas???

02-11-2003, 06:00 AM
Most likely your DVD player doesn't show 480x480 fullscreen (it follows the DVD spec and shows it in a 720x480 frame). Try another DVD player. My personal favorites for TyDVDs are the Pioneer DV-440 and DV-444.

02-11-2003, 08:59 AM
Just about any player marketed within the last 12 months or so should be able to display TyDVDs without a problem. Most older players won't even recognize a recordable DVD and some that will exhibit the display problem you've described. There are lots of threads on this topic if you are looking more more in-depth info,.

02-19-2003, 08:36 PM
Hello Folks,

I don't think there will be a need to buy newer DVD players. I'm fully investigating/testing transcoding of the 480x480 resolution to the 720x480 DVD video resolution. Note: this is not spatial transcoding I talking about it's DCT domain transcoding. I.e. transcoding in the compressed domain which doesn't demand that you decode/encode the MPEG video stream. This is a magnitude faster and it preserves the quality of the originally encoded MPEG stream.

Now this will not be present in tydemux 0.5.0 but it's likely to be present in 0.6.0 if I manage to get it fully working.

Cheers Olaf

02-19-2003, 10:16 PM
That's good news Olaf. Kudos to you for your tydemux program. I've been able to fix some temporal reference errors in extracted tystreams that, in the past, would have prompted me to re-record the same program repeatedly until I could get it extracted and split without errors.

I think the problem that's being described in this thread is limited to but a handful of DVD players and mostly older models. I did a lot of hands-on testing of most of the major brands of set top players and I never found one that exhibited the black band on the right 1/3 of the display. From what I remember about previous postings on the topic, it seems to be pretty much limited to Pioneer players but I'm sure there are some others that are in the same category (perhaps some rebadged Pioneers marketed under different names). Admittedly, I never tested a Pioneer model but every other current model I tried played TyDVDs without a problem (Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Apex, Toshiba, Mintek, and several others).