View Full Version : Apex DVD (1100W, specifically)

02-14-2003, 11:44 PM
Completely off topic, but...

I've got 3 of these units, and they all have experienced (at one point or another) the beginnings of Sudden Infant Death (DVD/SVCD freezes, etc.


I was thinking about it, and essentially they were acting like a PC does when it's overheating. So I cracked the case and did some investigating. Found that on all 3 of mine there is a POT (looks like a white plastic screw) on the power side of the unit that regulates the power. Turns out that when I put a DMM on the 3.6v side it read as high as 3.8v. I then checked out the Mpeg(X) decoder chipset and found that it was ridiculously hot. So..

1. Let the unit run a DVD for about 1/2 hour and turned the POT down about 1/4 turn, until the voltage read 3.55 volt. That fixed the problem on 2 of the 3 units.
2. On the 3rd one, I got some Thermal Tape and an old chipset heatsink and affixed it to both chips in addition to the voltage reduction.

Seems that they put these things together fast, and as inexpensively as possible, and that shows in the fine tuning of the Power Regulator as well as the lack of needed cooling.

So for those of you out there experiencing this problem, that's what I did to fix it. Involves opening the case (and therefore invalidating the warranty) but since we crack the case on our far-more-expensive Tivo's I didn't think anyone would mind!!!