View Full Version : Probles with NowShowing.tcl on a dtivo running 3.1

02-16-2003, 12:58 PM
I'm running Tytool6 on my tivo now and I'm having problems with the NowShowint.tcl script. I downloaded this script from this thread.
it is suppose to be for SA3.0 or Dtivo 3.1. I have a Dtivo running 3.1

Here is the output from the tivo

Doing the Lowest PriorityFix...
Priority set...
Waiting for an incomming connection!
SERVER: We got a message! buf = 'SHOWING'
No EventSwitcher active
while executing
"dbopen $dbPoolSize"
(file "./NowShowing.tcl" line 330)
Waiting for an incomming connection!

And here is the output from the windows program

Getting NowShowing data...
Total Size = 78kbytes in 1.141000 seconds...
Unknown tag <134>

Then I get the send or don't send microsoft report crap, btw this PC is running windows xp pro.