View Full Version : mfsstream problem after editing a recordings title

02-20-2003, 02:51 PM
I have had mfsstream version 97 installed for some time.
It has been working great until I used the edit title link.
It changed the title fine and I never noticed any wrong until I tried to download a recording.
Now I get a blank page with 404 error.

I have recently intalled 98b hoping it would solve the problem but no luck there. Does the same thing.

tyhttpd is running on port 2000 and has 4 copies running.
If i click say on Roswell it take to me the url

Here is where i get the 404 file not found error.

If I enter http://hostname:2000/mfsstream/Roswell.ty
I am asked where to save the Roswell.ty file but it only saves a 0 byte file.
I know it probably shouldn't work anyways, but is there a way to download the file this way?

Also I have more then one Roswell epesiod in my now showing list and if i click on another epiesod It is the same url http://hostname/mfsstream/Roswell.ty

All recordings have this problem but it only happened after editing a recording title.

Please any advice is appreciated, thx.