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02-22-2003, 09:17 PM
I have a few Questions and have done a moderate amount of reading and setting up the Tivo. Being a newbie I managed to get the Tivo on my Network and am able to transfer files to my computer with no issues. I do have a few questions that I havent been able to pick up on my reading so far.

I recorded a short time frame from the Tivo in Unscramble mode and transfered it over with not issues. They Ty file was like 280 meg. I used tytools 6 to send it over to the pc created Key file edited Key file and combined the files to make a m2v file which I can play in Media Player (GREAT) the M2V file is 45 seconds long and about 80 meg with a key file of about 5 meg. My Questions are these

1. How do I shrink the m2v File to a better size (Ex one hour or 45 minutes under a couple hundred meg) I have attempted to use tmpgenc but I could not figure out how to get tmpgenc to import the key file or the m2v file. Im sure I could rename the files and do it but I have a feeling If I have to do this I am doing something wrong

2. I have recently also built a DVD burning station and storage place for the TIVO unit. (Duel AMD 2.6 200 Gigs HD and a 4x DVD burner with One Gig DDR). I havent figured out how to make the files into a DVD format.

I have read the stickys but some of the info is quite dated and shows MANY different ways on how to do it. (Once I learn one way maybe Ill try to learn the other ways)

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02-24-2003, 01:22 AM
have some patients, not everyone is on here 24/7.

Ok, if you have muxed the file in tytools then the m2v file is actually a MPG file. you can rename the file as such and import it into tmpgenc. I don't have any experience with tmpgenc since I don't use it. You could also do a google search for an mpg4 encoder which should cut a pretty good chunk of size out of that file and keep pretty good quality.

As for creating DVD's there are many ways of doing this, which it sounds like you've read up on. I'm not going to tell you want is the best for you, well for one reason, I don't know if you have a SA tivo or a dtivo. Or you can wait for the next release of tytools which is suppose to support from the ty file to cutting the commercials to DVD. all you need is the software to burn the disc.