View Full Version : Slightly OT: Quality of DSS broadcast stream going down?

02-24-2003, 04:52 PM
Sorry for this being a bit off-topic, but I thought this would be a good place to ask...

Has anyone noticed that the quality of the broadcast stream has gone down in the past few months? I especially notice it on transitions from one scene to another. I seem to notice a lot more MPEG artificts on these transitions, and in many other places as well.

Another thing I noticed was that the size of my extracted .ty files has gone down a bit. I found some archived .ty files of Sienfeld episodes that were consistently around 800-900 megs. Now they are in the rage of 600-700 megs for the same length show. Odd.



02-24-2003, 09:09 PM
I've noticed the same thing. Except for the most expensive types of broadcast (boxing, wrasslin'), the bandwidth is down, even on PPVs. I think they are using less Dolby 5.1 than they did before.

02-24-2003, 10:25 PM
My Seinfeld extractions have always been anywhere from about 450 to about 800MBs, depending on which channel I record them on. The average size per episode is around 650-700MB. I've never had one exceed 800MB, but that's not to say that some episodes weren't broadcast with less compression above and beyond the ones I recorded.

I have noticed that file sizes for PPV movies have been varying widely over the past several weeks. I recorded Minority Report when it was first shown and the file size was over 6GB. I had to split it into two DVDs to record it. Unfortunately, the audio was out of sync with the Dolby Digital soundtrack so I recorded it again the other day. The file size was only about 2.8GB (and yes, it did record the entire movie)! The audio was still out of sync so I've been rerecording it in the hopes that I'll eventually get a decent extraction but no luck so far. File size is averaging around 2.7 to 3GB.

I've had several other movies that have been recording at around 4GB or more. This seems to be occurring during the first week a movie is being aired so it looks like DTV may be using less compression to boost picture quality during a PPV movie's initial showing week and then migrating it to higher channel numbers as time goes on. The rule of thumb seems to be more compression and higher channel numbers for PPVs as time goes on. I found this to be somewhat unusual because most PPV movies have averaged about 2.5GB for a 2-hour movie, give or take a few hundred MB, even during the initial week of showings.