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03-04-2003, 11:58 AM
might be a stupid question but don't see it covered anywhere... basically was curious if the GOPEditor can be used with tytool 5 streams...?

i ask because i used the make key file from tytool6r2 on an archived tytool5 saved stream and it made a 2,8gb ty stream into a 448mb key file... which didn't know what was concidered normal so didn't think odd of anything untill i started cutting commercials and started noticing the huge jumps between frames... ((I assume when you advance one frame in gop editor that it should advance one frame of video? cause it seems to jump 30 or so (even though gop reports it as one) - dunno if thats a limitation of gop or because i am trying to edit old ty streams. ((another oddity is if i play the key it runs 90 miles an hour - probalby cause if you advance frame by frame it really seems to jump 30 or so))

this cause u can't make keys from ty files created by older versions of tytool?

just curious still trying to find a decent way to cut commercials and get onto dvd... was using mpeg-vcr to get the frames and creating the celltimes txt file manually and ripping commercials out with smart ripper then having ifoedit merging shows together.... but it seems that mpg-vcr isn't quite an accurate way to catch exact frames.... i mean it works... but not really often off just by a little.... not worth it after the time it takes to do just one show :-/

03-04-2003, 02:21 PM
If you have the native tystreams (i.e. *.ty files) and not the split ones then it should (theoretically) work fine unless Tytool6 is doing something different to the stream during extraction in tystream mode. AFAIK, a ty file is just the raw audio and video from the hard drive renamed with a .ty extension. From what I understand about GOPEditor, it jumps from one "I" frame to the next. I think each Group of Pictures (GOP) has a single "I" frame that defines each GOP. Each GOP has multiple "B" and "P" frames in addition to the "I" frame which is why you are, in fact, jumping multiple frames when you advance the slider in GOPEditor. These are the points at which you can make your cuts and is not frame accurate as a result. Hence the name GOPEditor. I may be off on my terminology but there are smarter folks here that can offer a better explanation or description of a DTivo mpeg stream than I can. I think my basic logic is fairly accurate even if the terms may be off.

03-04-2003, 05:52 PM
gotcha and that does make sense... though from your experience is it as 'accurate' as the current frame it happens to be saying its on? my frusteration with using mpeg-vcr to create the cell times text file is it seems to 'count' differently than what smart ripper counts by... thus if i wanted to be anal enough i could do a 'best guess' review the output after its done to see where not enough of the commercial got cut off or too much of the show got cut.. edit the txt file a few frames accordingly (though would look really off when comparing the frame number in mpg-vcr) then finally trying again and again untill the output is 'decent'

there HAS to be better ways then this, was reading a post yesterday that rings so true, - if it takes longer to rip edit burn the show than it does to actually enjoy it... then in the end your going to have a lot of work to do and no time to enjoy the final output. speaking of final output are we waising our time with tytool6 because of the audio bug or whatever?

:::big sigh of frusteration:::