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03-04-2003, 03:57 PM
Ok I've done a ton of reading on these forums not to mention a ton of tinkering thus far in my quest to go from my SA Tivo (running 3.0) to DVD.

I feel like I'm coming down the home stretch but keep getting hung up on authoring and burning my dvd. Here'a a rough outline of what I'm using and doing:

I'm recording my tivo video at 352 x 480 (within dvd spec)

1. Extract using tytool6r2 in ty stream mode
2. Split the file using tytool6r2
3. Upsample audio using besweet
4. Use Tsunami 2.5.10 + to multiplex
5. Use MyFlix XE To Cut Commericials
6. Try to USE DVD-IT PE to author and create my DVD using my newly created mpeg file.

(I have tried this on several different stream files)

I end up with Mpeg 2 video which I can play fine using media player or Power DVD. Everything seems to look ok. audio synch etc.

When I go to build my DVD with DVD-IT PE I run into various GOP errors. I most commonly run into an error indicating too many pictures. I've also tried using MY DVD, DVD Maestro and Spruce and get similar error messages or I get an outright freeze up when importing the video.

I have tried variations of the above steps but always seem to run into the same issue. I thought pherhaps there was an issue with My Flix so I cut that out of the process as a test, this didn't make any difference. I've tried splitting the ty file with the various other tools available, I've tried doing a reencode with Tsunami before going to dvd and I've still had problems.

I'm hoping that I'm making a stupid mistake somewhere and someone can point it out to me. This is driving me flat nuts trying to troubleshoot my process. Any advice you guys could offer would be much appreciated.

03-04-2003, 08:25 PM
Your process looks fine until you get to step 4. Unless I'm mistaken, none of the programs you're using have been shown to work with extracted tystreams for authoring DVDs, although I have seen some mention that My DVD may work with the muxed output from Tytool6r2. There have been numerous posts on working methods for authoring DVDs. It looks like you're trying to reinvent the wheel. Scan through the extraction forum and you'll probably find a dozen or so different ways of extracting tystreams and authoring DVDs. Here's a couple of basic tips that everyone should know about tystreams:

1) SA tystreams are usually DVD-compliant as is (i.e. the video is already at a compliant resolution, usually 352X480 but this may differ based on the original recording mode); the audio needs to be upsampled from 32kHz to 48kHz

2) DTivo tystreams are non DVD-compliant in that the video is at 480X480; the audio is already at 48kHz and does not need to be upsampled

I'm no expert on SA tystream processing as I have only performed extraction and DVD authoring with DTivo streams. I believe the latest version of MPEG2VCR is supposed to work well for editing and fixing GOP errors in SA Tivo recordings. There's a whole long thread currently devoted to using DVD Movie Factory for authoring DVDs.

Personally, I just take the extracted and split tystream from my DTivo, patch the 1st header, and import it into SpruceUp. After creating the preview files I repatch the header back to 480X480 and I can import it into SpruceUp and add menus, text, and chapter stops as I wish. I can either compile and burn directly to DVD or write a title set and burn using Nero or other burning software.

Editing commercials requires placing chapter stops at the beginning and end of each commercial break and then compiling the file to a title set. The title set is then re-ripped using Smart Ripper to remove the unwanted segments. The re-ripped file is then demuxed in TMPGEnc to convert the muxed file back to separate audio and video components, sans commercials. The two files are then processed using the SpruceUp method from scratch and then burned to DVD. You can add multiple titles to a single DVD using the SpruceUp method. Maestro is similar but is a more complex program.

03-05-2003, 12:05 PM
Thanks for the info. I tested ulead last night and can burn my dvds with it no problem. I guess dvd it doesn't like the video from tivo.

Audio synch was my next big issue to tackle, I've just settled on doing my commericial edits with Myflix XE and then using tsunami to rencode for me. It's not the fastest process but my audio seems to stay in perfect synch and I the finished product is more than acceptable.

I'm sure this whole process will get easier and easier as the tools we have continue to mature.

03-05-2003, 02:07 PM
Originally posted by crashmore
I most commonly run into an error indicating too many pictures.

DVD-compliant means more than resolution (720x480, for instance) or audio bitrate (48K). Each group of pictures (GOP) should have, IIRC, 8 frames. tivo GOPs have way more than that. Most of us worry about the resolution and bitrate, and depend on our authorware and DVD players to just cope with the non-standard GOP size.