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03-05-2003, 01:05 AM
deal is my mac is a laptop and therefore movable, i would have to drill a wall to get to the pc, which i won't do for now since i am moving. downloading is 1.3 MBps on a hardwire, it is 300k/sec on the airport/linksys network. 5 times less time to sucka ty stream to the mac. So is there a way to work with it, aside from download to the mac and firewire it to the pc? Is there a way to work with ty streams with os x or os 9? Not to mention my dvd burner is onmy mac as well. Anyone?

03-05-2003, 11:43 PM
got it sorted with the web module, but now i have a prob, 2 gb file limit on my mac and 4 gb file limit on my pc

any ideas on how to overcome it?

03-08-2003, 12:58 PM
2GB Limit on your Mac? Really? Is it a Lisa?

Working with ty streams Mac only (OS X):

Get the stream (MFS_FTP, TiVoWeb + MFSStream module, etc).

If you are downloading it from TiVoWeb's MFSStream, use the command line 'curl'. You may have to download in the browser to see the url, then do:

curl http://tivo:2000/658505728/.2F.devbin%20-s%20373435%20373498%20/Coupling.ty > Coupling.ty

After that, if you want to cut out commercials, etc. Since we don't have a GOP Editor, you play hit and miss until you narrow in on the cuts you want:

mac_vsplit -m -j500 -l500 Coupling.ty segment1.mpg junk ; open segment1.mpg

That will skip the first 500, write the next 500 to a file, and when complete, open it in Quicktime Player.

In Quicktime Player, look at the beginning and the ends, see how you have to adjust start point and duration, and change the -j and -l numbers to suit.

mac_vsplit again... and again... switch to segment2, do that one, etc.

Eventually you'll get about 5 segments for a 1 hour show.

Now that you forgot to write down your cut numbers, go to Terminal, File, Save Text As...

Save the terminal text as whatever.txt, grep mac_vsplit whatever.txt, look at your final cut numbers for each segment, and write them down you dummy.

mac_vsplit -j# -l# segment#.m2v segment#.m2a

res_toggle segment#.m2v

Get res_toggle and mac_vsplit from the threads here, or get a copy from here: http://themurrays.homeip.net/downloads/tivo/for_mac/

Import segment[#].m2[a/v] into DVD Studio Pro.

Create tracks for each part. Set Part 1 to jump to Part 2, etc.

Create a menu in Photoshop, with layers for each selection hilite.

Burn to disk.

Open DVD Player.

Choose Open VIDEO_TS folder.

Play your DVD.

If it looks good, back to DVDSP, Burn to DVD-R.

Anyone finds a better workflow, feel free to let me know. I'm just happy to get a flow that works at the moment.

Don't segment with mpgtx (mpgtxwrap GUI). Don't join with it. It doesn't make DVDSP happy files.

11-17-2003, 09:47 PM
You may want to look at the tystudio stuff- it does work, even though it's not currently under active development...

the mac beta 2 of .50 is very nice, and not as hit or miss, as it has a editor.

I just burned a DVD without any trouble, and it all depends on the series of your tivo.

if a SA, then you have a lot of options... you don't even have to do the res_toggle

(BTW- Anyone know how to toggle the res from 352x240 to normal DVD? to fool DVD Studio... )