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03-05-2003, 09:08 PM
I am trying to simply get a 30 minute show from my Directivo to an SVCD compatible format to play on my DVD player. I am using Tytool 6r2a. I transfer the file in multiplex mode and wind up w/ a .m2v and .m2a file. If I burn straight to SVCD w/ Nero(without SVCD compliance), the audio is choppy. If I tell Nero to to reencode the file to make compliant, and then burn the audio is 3 seconds out of sync. Help! I think it has todo w/ the audio being at 48Khz instead of 44.1Khz, but I can't figure out a quick way to do it. I tried a simple mux w/ Tmpgenc, but that didn't help. Is a full transcode in Tmpgenc necessary? I have read many posts about using Besweet, etc, but it looks like that is the SA guys and not the DTivo. Anyone have any help, or should I just go buy the DVD Burner?


03-05-2003, 11:18 PM
In TyTool, make sure you select VCD/SVCD Mux output from
the options menu before muxing. Also, don't make a menu
for the SVCD. Sometimes that messes up the audio.

I have an Apex AD-1200 and i could get perfectly in-sync SVCD's
if i used these settigs i just told you about.

But let me tell you when you get a DVD Burner, life will be so much
better :)