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03-10-2003, 05:44 AM
My Tivo is in like 5 pieces and ziplock bags right now makes me very sad...:(

All cuse I can't seem to get my act together... 2 120gig harddrives waiting even found a sweet 3.U5 image, not that that matters sending out my motherboard to have it Flashed... sound kinky, be gentle its a virgin...:o

just a shell of a tivo... no drives no motherboard... never been turned on... :p

and the really INSANE part of this all is that after I get it all together and working then I have to find out how to make it work with a HU card... lol I'm nuts Krackers aren't I...:cool:

just can't wait to sit back and watch tv on my HDVR2.... someday... :D