View Full Version : Turbonet Card Died?

03-19-2003, 02:41 PM
My Dtivo turbonet has been running along just great. This morning I noticed there were no connection lights showing on my router for the Dtivo. If I power down and reboot The lights flash, but then go out. Cables all check out fine.

Is this card dead? Any way to test it?



03-19-2003, 03:01 PM
If your cables are OK and the router's fine then there's not much else to check. I'd recommend double and triple-checking all connections to make sure they're good. You might also want to try connecting the Tivo directly to your PC using a crossover cable to take the router out of the loop. If everything checks out and the TurboNet is still not working, contact Mark McCorkle at 9th Tee and explain your situation.

If the TurboNet is beyond the 30-day warranty, he offers a trade-in program to exhange your dead TurboNet for another one (probably refurbished) for about $30 bucks (I can't remember the exact cost). Mark will provide you with a link to an order page where you can purchase a replacement TurboNet adapter at the regular price. When you get the new TurboNet, return your old one and Mark will credit (I believe) $39.95 back to your credit card when he gets the old card back.

If you've got any specific questions about the TurboNet or would like some further guidance in troubleshooting it (or simply confirmation that it is actually dead), post your questions at the Tivo Community Forum (I think it's in the Upgrades section). Jafa (the developer of the TurboNet) hangs out there and provides tech support on all TurboNet-related products (i.e. TivoNet and AirNet).

I had a TurboNet go bad on me quite a while back. I bought the exchange card from 9th Tee and its been running fine ever since.