View Full Version : Amiga -> TiVo Aux Input

03-19-2003, 05:38 PM
I'm trying to use the Aux input on my UK Thomson TiVo to capture Commodore Amiga demos so I can rip them off the TiVo using my Turbo-NET interface. I am doing this because I wish to add more content to the DivX (http://www.spoonwizard.com/divx.php) page on my site. However, I seem to have run across a problem.

Setting up the cabling so that the composite and audio ports from the Amiga go to the Aux scart input of the TiVo the Amiga seems fine when viewing through the pass-through Aux button on the TiVo. However, if I use a dummy satellite/cable configuration in the TiVo channel setup and try to view the channel through Live TV mode, every second or so the video seems to skip and jump along with the audio.

If I record some of the above, rip and play it back on the PC, the video stream looks perfectly fine but the audio is completely tits-up. In fact, it doesn't even rip the audio stream off the TiVo - it's is just full of errors and I end up with a 0 byte file.

Plugging the same Amiga->Scart cable into the TV reveals that all is fine. Plugging the DVD player into the TiVo Aux input also works fine in pass-through and Live TV Aux input configurations - no graphical or audio glitches.

So, I figured my problem could be the TiVo not liking a composite input, so I acquired an Amiga RGB -> Scart cable. Plugging this into the TiVo resulted in even less of a result - the screen just shows white on both pass-through and Live TV Aux modes and I have no audio at all. I've even checked the cable wiring against diagrams found on the net and it all checks out.

I've even messed with the PAL/RGB settings in the TiVo setup menus - all to no avail. I've tried every combination with both composite and RGB cabling setups and get exactly the same results.

So, on to the big question: Does anyone have any ideas for a solution to my Amiga->TiVo problem?