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03-26-2003, 05:46 PM
I suppose I'm going to need some specific information about compileing programs for the HDvr2 that I have here are some of the questions that I have since I know nothing about compileing

1. what seems to be the complier of choice for working on the tivo/linux

2. If I complie something on my destop in windows xp, does it get complied for windows xp, should I be running on a linux box and compile it there.

3 Does anyone know of a good forum for compiler specific beginers,

4. And can someone explain to me about Mips, what ir means and how it relates to the hdvr2, I have a vague idea but I'd rather have someone just explain it to me so I know for sure

anyinfo would be great thanks all

03-26-2003, 06:32 PM
1. gcc - is there anything else? =]

2. TiVo runs linux and windows sucks so maybe you should stick with linux

3. search the net, try google

4. again, search the net. MIPS is a processor architecture that isn't compatible with i386 or PPC, so therefore neither are any of the programs compiled for other arcitectures. IR....well only IR I know if infrared