View Full Version : DWD490 Overheating indication?

03-30-2003, 02:52 PM
last few days, just out of the blue, my dwd490 just shuts off and the green power light continuously flashes. After unplugging for a while and plugging back in, all is good for a while. Today is very cool and it hasnt done the above mentioned. Is what im seeing due to overheating and what are some ways to correct this?

03-31-2003, 10:01 PM
I have tried everything though. I put a fan directly on the receiver with the cover off and still what happens is like when you turn it on it usually takes over whatever you have on the TV and displays the receiver right? (If hooked up through the cable NOT RCA's). But now what happens is it will turn on and "take over" the TV but just show a black screen. I left it on all day and still nothing. Anyone know if this is a similar problem or what? Thanks!

04-04-2003, 03:08 PM
jd, it sounds like one of your tuners or both of your tunes could be burt out from the heat. the rca utv receivers are very bad with heat. here is a cut and past from another site that tells you a good mod to help keep them cool. i also bought a little fan from ebay that you are supposed to put a laptop on top of to keep it cool, it works very good and is only like $15

Reversible Internal UTV Exhaust Fan Mod
I have been worrying about heat since reading so much about it here and then feeling the bottom of my UTV during my HD upgrade. It doesn't help my worries that I upgraded to the 120 gig 7200 hard drive. I thought I'd share what I did to try to cool my UTV in order to pay back some of the info I got here.

I bought a bunch of different fans from Nexfan. When they came I listened to them to see how loud they were. Today I opened the UTV unit and thought about which one would work. After taking my time I found that I could mount the Nexfan System Exhaust Blower http://www.nexfan.com/23/10.htm?733 without making any mods to the UTV case by using two of the round exhaust holes on the back left of the UTV. This is also where the two tuners and a lot of the heat seems to be coming from.

First I removed the bracket from the blower and straightened out the 90 degree angle on the metal bracket that fills the PC slot (I used my vice). Then I lined it up with the exhaust holes on the back left of the UTV unit (that's where the hot spot is too!) by putting the bracket in the inside with the shorter side to the right as you face the back of the UTV. Let the bracket edge come halfway down the first row of holes. There needs to be enough room for the cover and it's foam to close. I marked with a marker through two of the holes onto the bracket making sure that the blower would fit back on the bracket with the little bolts sticking through. Both holes ended up being in the slots of the bracket so they weren't completely new holes, more like slot enlargements. I then drilled the holes.

The bracket goes back inside the unit. I put two small bolts through the two exhaust holes in the UTV unit I used to mark the bracket and then put the nuts on the backs. I tightened them down pretty snug. Next the blower gets snapped back on. This is why you have to make sure your bolts aren't in the way. There is plenty of room for them to stick into the blower, but you don't want them lining up with the edge of the blower so it won't snap back on. It fits nice and snug and doesn't move.

Plug the power plug into the fan and then into the hard drive again. The blower moves a lot of air and isn't too loud.