View Full Version : UTV dwd490re stuck in webtv loop

03-31-2003, 02:23 AM
Hi ,

I was hoping to get help with my RCA dwd490re ird.

I've had it for 6 mon. and it has run flawlessly.

For the last two week it has been stuck in the "dialing web tv screen"
The firmware on the hard drive is 3.5. I have tried all the resets that I know except for the one that trashes the browser. The best that I have been able to do is after applying the 32768 code and inserting a card with a subbed bin and script on it is to get the receiver to boot up and run properly for about an hour then it frezzes and shuts down then boots up in the Dialing web tv mode. I have searched all the fourms for answers and have come up empty. Looking for help if you can.


ps. I don't have the card in the wrong card slot

04-04-2003, 03:02 PM
If your UTV is booting directly to WebTV, it's because something is wrong with the drive. In all likelyhood, either a cable got disconnected or the drive itself failed.


Your software on the unit could be bad and it could want to re-download from microsoft. You can try to take the access card out and hook up a phone lin then use code 8675309 and force the download.


if that doesnt work you can use code 24682468 which Trashes the browser image and will make you download everything for the utv over again.

I know that the rca utv units have a very bad heat problem. Have you done anything to correct this? You can add extra fans to the unit or even get a little fan unit that laptops sit on to keep them cool (i bought one off ebay real cheap).