View Full Version : TY STREAM Transfer Hung

04-06-2003, 02:09 PM
I have just down loaded the Beta 2 and installed it.

I also just installed the Turbonet Card - with the latest drivers.

I also loaded the 3.1 version of xPlusz - which seems to work OK.

I have 2.5 TiVo.

TyEditor can see my TiVo - but will not download any data - it hangs at 0% and no data is being processed.

I can telnet and ftp to the TiVo.

Any suggestions?

I did find a copy of noscramble.o and put it in the /lib/modules folder - but Xplusz keeps saying that NOSCRAMBLE is active - but the module is not found. I did a Manual insmod and it then showed that it was installed - but want to have this happen automaticly.

Yes - I did reboot after each #47,1 or #47,0