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04-07-2003, 12:04 AM
After false starts with DVD MF and DVD WS I'm trying the
IFOedit route. I've used it before to author non-Ty DVD's,
so it is familiar territory. I am re-discovering an old problem.

My process so far is:
Tytool (DTivo stream)-> .ty, .key
GOPedit (.key) -> .cut file
Tytool (.ty, .key, .cut) -> .m2v (renamed .mpg)
TMPGenc (.mpg) -> m2v, mp2
BeSweet (mp2) -> ac3
IFOedit (.m2v, .ac3, hand-edited CellTimes.txt) -> VIDEO_TS
Burn with Nero

This works in a limited way. I can burn DVD's that play. I've even used IFOedit 0.96B to put two movies on one DVD (no menus,and only a chapter break separating films).

Here's where I'm stuck....my DVD player (Panasonic RV32) plays the DVD, but the time display is roughly 20% slow. My chapters breaks seem to follow this phantom time scale as well. Searching the archive, I've found mention of a 23.976 vs. 29.997 frame rate issue which causes this, but I don't understand exactly how this is caused, or what I can do to fix it. I was under the impression that (USA) DTivo streams are 29.997 FPS regardless of content. Is this right? Could my TMPGenc demuxing have introduced ambiguity in the framerate? Are there switches I can change? If not, should I demux with Tytool (or something else), and can I still use GOPedit to remove at least the beginnings and endings of programs? Is there a step I can add to post-process (or patch) the .m2v file?

If I can solve this remaining problem, I can finally start burning DVD's instead of DVD-RW's. Any insights are greatly appreciated.

04-07-2003, 09:47 AM
The first time I noticed it I played back the movie on DVD and Tivo at the same time and switched from one to the other.
I confirmed what you posted, you get all the movie but the time is wrong. The same thing happens if I use tytools or tystudio.

I decided I have more important things to worry about
:) and I just accept the fact the the timing is off. I decided there is no reason to delay burning my DVD's. BTW I found that I no longer need Besweet with tytools6r3. Tystudio will output directly to the elementary streams needed for IFOEDIT.