View Full Version : SVCD from PAL Tivo double check

04-10-2003, 08:06 PM
1st - big up to jdiner and olaf_sc and many others for such very useful tools.

I want to get good clean SVCD compliant mpeg from my UK PAL Thomson tivo

I've figured out the resoluyions are basically the same as the others but PAL not NTSC ie

0 = unknown not tried it. 720x576
1 = 352x576
2 = 352x576
3 = 480x576
4 = 544x576

and the audio sadly is 32KHz. and I will have to set the bit rate to 2.5 Mbps or reencode. All this has been done many times, but the UK is not an easily searchable term here...

The question is what is the green band on the right hand side of PAL tivo extracts and can you get rid of it at source? it only there at res. 3 and 4. Can it be hacked out of sight?


boffin (in training)