View Full Version : Question about noscamble

04-15-2003, 02:49 PM
I rebuilt my T60 lastnight, and noticed something strange. The rebuilt was done from the original virgin drive that came with the unit (I have a sub). I "thought" I recalled not being able to view the prerecorded "commercials" after noscramble was loaded before, but lastnight, after loading noscramble I was still able to view them? So that got me wondering...this install was done a little differently. Instead of adding the insmod command to the rc.sysinit, I added it to the rc.sysinit.author, which shouldn't make any difference. I did a ps aux, to see if I could see the mod loaded, but I'm not even sure if that'll tell me, or what really to look for. The only somewhat definitive answer I got is when I tried to manually load the mod. It told me it was already loaded. So to my question..

1. Can anyone tell me if you're able to view the prerecorded junk with noscramble installed?

2. Is there an easy was to tell if noscramble and other mods have loaded?


04-15-2003, 06:07 PM
Not sure about #1, since I've never had a "fresh" DTiVo to play with, but it is possible that the preloaded stuff is not scrambled I guess.

As for #2 though, you can tell if the module is loaded by doing "cat /proc/modules". It will show up in the list if it is loaded.