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04-16-2003, 06:54 PM
ok, i lost locals and like everyone else i read and read, printed out read me files, read somemore till i get this urge to post a newbie question.

I've done the t60 25xtreme a while back three times on three different machines all of which went very well, did the touch using bash ect..even added a harddrive to my machine with no problems, all this was possible because of the supplied read me files were excellent but i'm stuck at what to do with the xplusz upgrade to v2.5.2

I have the xupgrade.iso and was attemping to update using the bash way with tera term, i've taken the two files v252.tar and the upgrd252.tcl and saved them to a folder off my c drive.

now this is what i've done and very new again to all this:

opened up teraterm com1 9600 (i know it's slow) this setting allows bash to come up.

type in
cd /var/hack

then i sent the files using the send feature, mind you a bit more reading led me to consider that i should have pulled the drives any who, both files were sent using the simple send feature, the bigger of the two files was left going all night, well this morning i assumed it was sent and now i get no bash prompt.

help please, any step by step to working tera term, did the files go somewhere else, any suggestions are welcomed.


04-18-2003, 09:32 PM
set the port speed to 115200 in teraterm and then save the settings. you should thn get bash.