View Full Version : PLEASE Help! They want to charge me $162!!!! Repeated Keypresses.

04-18-2003, 01:26 PM
I woke up this morning and sat down in front of my tivo. I hit the List button to pull up now playing then tapped DOWN arrow to scroll down 1 show. My tivo repeated the each keypress over and over. In this example I hit down arrow once, and it kept going down down down down down till it hit the bottom of the list. At that point it starts buzzing like i'm TRYING to go below the bottom of the list. But I had only pressed the remote control button once.

This occurs EVEN if I remove the batteries from the remote. It'll still continue doing this.

I called Sony tech support and they told me to power the machine off for a full minute and plug it back in. Once I did that the tivo comes up and says 'Your record is starting up, please wait a moment...' and does not get past that screen. I've waited a long long time for it to.

I had just purchased this tivo used (that's how I could afford it) and NOW sony wants to charge me $160 to fix it (That's how much I paid for the darn thing).

I would be insanely appreciative if someone could help me with this problem. If it's just a matter of buying a new harddrive, imaging it, and slapping it in there then i'd much rather spend my money upgrading my tivo's capacity than just paying sony to do a flat fee fix on it to get a measely 90 day warranty.

I was so looking forward to getting this unit, and I configured it last night and scrolled through the entire show list to generate season passes, and i wake up, go to look at the yoga class my wife wanted recorded and discover it's broken.

I have a Sony SVR-2000 with a 30 gig harddrive.

04-18-2003, 01:46 PM
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