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04-23-2003, 02:45 PM
Recently I have been playing around with moveing a ty stream format to mpeg (via Tystudios) and have downloaded the proper codec's to watch the programs... Ive wanted to take it one step more and turn them into a divx file (to reduce space and take them to work with me)

Currently I am working with virtuial dub Mpeg with Lame/Divx codec's Everything transfers properly size wise quality wise ect. but the audio is VERY out of sync.

I am useing Lame at a high setting with no compression on the file it is to large to fix on the CD burner that I have (no DVD burner yet)

I have seen the previous thread about selecting no transcodeing and tried that with no luck as well. Im even off (by alot) in the first 30 seconds.... I would say 5-6 seconds at least

Is there some other software that I should be useing?

04-28-2003, 12:12 PM
I would use Gknot. http://www.doom9.net

If you use dvd2avi to produce the mpa file it will give you an offset value for the audio. You have to produce a d2v "project" and set dvd2avi to demux all audio channels off an mpeg2 file.

Use tytool6 v 3 in mplex mode to extract a working mpeg2 file rather than pulling a native ty file.

I they encode the video using Gknot but use BeSweet (using the gui) independently to produce a valid MP3 file.

I then use Nandub to interleave the final product. When doing this you must put in the - or positive delay dvd2avi produced in the interleaving box under audio.

I hope this helps.