View Full Version : SVR-2000 infrared probem?

04-23-2003, 06:22 PM
I have a Sony SVR-2000 and am trying to use it in conjunction with a DTV Hughes E1 receiver. By accident the other night, I found the Sony seemed to transmit out the front panel and was controlling the Hughes sitting on a shelf just above it. Tonight it has stopped working.

I am aware of the ir controller setup in the tivo menuing and did not change it. Is there anything else that comes into play (aside from the obvious one of the positioning of the two units...)

******And the answer is *********

- Sony screwed up. If you take off the front cover and try it, it works flawessly. There is a tx and an rx led. The tx is half covered by a piece of plastic on the front cover. I took that off with my dremel tool behind the smoked cover and now it works perfectly - first time, every time. I recollect others ran across this. Wipe the leds and everything else clean when finished.:p