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04-30-2003, 10:46 AM
Help -

a -very- new user here (to DVD & extraction stuff). I've read my eyeballs silly trying to find answer to no avail...

I'm using TyStudio Beta2 to extract from Phillips SA Tivo... Works perfectly.

Edit out commercials and wind up with very playable .mpg file on my W2K computer...

Open MyDVD 4.0 (came with SONY DVD recorder I just bought) and when I add the .mpg file, it "looks" like it will work, then pops up error box that says -

"MyDVD cannot add audio in this manner. To set the background audio, Ctrl-drop the audio onto the menu"...

Now I must say I'm not trying to create background audio, it (MyDVD) doesn't seem to like the Muxed .mpg audio...

Anyone have any suggesstions or pointers to a new guy???


05-01-2003, 02:18 PM
I haven't had much luck with mydvd. I assume you have the Sony DRU-500, as mydvd ships with it. However, mydvd seems to import mpg-s ok if you set the output type in tystudio to generic mpeg/no transcode. Mydvd will sometimes "use" significantly more space than the mpg imported - My guess is that it is something to do with importing a 480x480 and transcoding to a 720x480. It doesn't seem to take enough time to do a transcode during the import though.

Once I actually got something that worked, and started a burn, mydvd reported an error that there were too many pictures in the GOP, and aborted.

It seems to be stream dependent. I was able to sucessfully edit a tystream, and import it into mydvd. Unfortunately, mydvd doesn't seem to handle a closed GOP in the middle of the stream. The only part that got imported was the first section, i.e. the part of the recording between the first cut stop and second cut start. (first cut start was the beginning of the show)

I was able to get something to burn using tytool to get the mpeg, and then using Arcsoft Showbiz to edit the stream. (also included with the DRU-500) Showbiz is so slow editing it is actually PAINFUL. It takes hours to remove commercials. When writing the edited session, it transcodes, and makes the resulting output massively larger. Mydvd imports and burns it ok, but the result is way ugly - The show is displayed in a square, the result of 480x480, I suppose. Something recorded in letterbox is even worse, as it expands the picture to full screen vertically.

Unless there are issues in tystudio resulting in a slightly non-standard mpeg which will eventually get fixed, and an option to not close the GOP is added, I think its time to punt mydvd.

05-03-2003, 12:42 PM
Thanks for the reply ..

I decided to try without using mydvd and got some success..

Read on mydvdhelp site how to do it...

1. demux (simple) with Tmpgenic
2. rename the .mp2 file (audio) to .mpa
3. dump both files into a folder named video_ts
4. burn with nero

lots more steps than I would like, but at least I have a usable dvd that way.

05-04-2003, 01:21 PM
Was going from memory while traveling and I forgot a step...

Here's the real deal -

1. import from TIVO
2. De-mux with TMPgenc (simple demux)
3. rename *.mp2 to *.mpa
4. use IFOedit, selecting .m2v for video and .mpa for audio with output going into VIDEO_TS folder of your choice
5. Open Nero, drop the VIDEO_TS folder into the burn file list and burn away!!