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05-04-2003, 01:06 PM
Ok Im new here so guys, please don't get pissed off.
I know alot about hardware and windows but not that much about linnux. But i kinda fixed that problem with the Linnux FAQ. I have Windows XP Pro. This is what I want to do..... ALL I want is to have unlimited subscription but I downloaded FAQs to help me out. I have a Sony First Generation. Is That the same as T60? Im sorry if it seems like a stupid question. Its that I downloaded 2.5 Extreme T60. Please Correct me If i made a mistake.

Ok, this is what I know so Far, And Please correct me if I am wrong.....
I need to download 2.5Xtreme and send it to the CD drive. Then I must install my Dtivo HDD to My PC.(Dtivo recognizes it as DRIVE A) Then I reboot my computer, letting my Cd boot first.(In the Bios) Then upgrade it 2.5 Xtreme. then I have to connect back the HDD to the Tivo And hook up the seial cable to the PC.
Currently, I have Terra TERM Pro. Thats to communicate with my Tivo Once I have the Bash prompt.(I have some commands)
Now what? What info am I missing?
Thanx in Advance..........

05-04-2003, 03:58 PM
Yes, a T60 is a 1st gen Sony DTivo. But you really can't "send it to the CD drive", 2.5Xtreme is an ISO image of a bootable CD.

You are headed in the right direction, and all the information you will need is in the "sticky" posts at the top of the forum, such as this one:


You might want to spend some time reading through the information and post specific questions that you might still have.