View Full Version : utv cooling

05-04-2003, 05:55 PM
After reading different sources I decided that adding a cooling fan would be cheap insurance against failure because of over heating. My first attempt consisted of installing an 80 mm fan inside the case in front of the sat antenna inputs above what I believe are the tuners. I removed a portion of the foam stuck to the lid and drilled a number of 1/4" holes for ventilation. Worked great but I was disappointed in the noise level of the fan and the look of the unit with all the holes in it. My wife says looks aren't everything, after all she married me! So I bought another fan & a plastic guard with a foam filter from Cyberguys.com. I used the same mounting holes but I took a 3" hole saw to the case and did away with all the 1/4"holes I had drilled earlier. The new fan is temperature controlled and runs slower and a whole lot quieter than the first one. The case is now always cool to the touch and I don't have any fan noise to speak of.