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05-07-2003, 07:11 AM
I have ran into some problems that I can not figure out what to do. I have done some reading and still cant figure it out or how to fix it. Currently I have many ,ty streams stored on my local hard drive and use tystudio to convert them into mpg's Video to standard MPEG Audio to no transcodeing. Doing this I get a great mpeg with a huge file size (no compression)

From there I have attempted to us virtualdub-MPEG2-AC3 with options set to

Fast recompress
Divix 5.04 (yea I know I get the little logo to start off with)
Have tried divx 3.1 as well

Full processing mode
Compression LAME (various bit rates)

Wait for a hour and then get a Divx that has audio so far off I cant watch the movie. Tried figureing out what the audio shew correction should be but have not been able to

I have also tried GordianKnot rip pack with nandub converting to a AVI file compressed with Divx and the same problem happens. Someone else told me to use besweet to create a external mp3 file and transcode? the audio in BUT I havent been able to figure out how to do that reading on doom9 or vcdhelp yet. Can anyone help me out and give me a step by step on how to do this PROPERLY?

05-07-2003, 08:11 AM
I have been doing some of the same things as you and also have this problem. I'm using tytool6r3 to extract the audio & video into a single file. I then use virtualdub to open the stream. Which looks fine. But when edit out the commericals and save to divx I also get audio that is way off from the video.

I'm also interested in the answer to this as well as what is the best editing software to keep the file as an mpeg and just remove the commericals. Is there a codec that I can load into virtualdub that will allow me to save back out as an mpeg.

On another note to Stephen, this is what I used to do but is very time comsuming and would to avoid this... Extract the streams as 2 seperate files (audio & video) open the audio in winamp, I don't recall the exact location since I'm not in front of the encoding computer. Goto tools then there is an option to convert the audio. I would save it as either an mp3 or wav file using winamp. Then open the video and audio seperatly in virtualdub and edit out the commericals then save it using either divx or your favorite codec.

I'm try to use a single file as Stephen is doing to save time, I would be willing to keep it as an mpg file and just do the editing.

Thanks in advance to the knowledgable people that make this board a great place to share info.

05-07-2003, 10:56 AM
Well, I am not sure what you are doing wrong. I use typrocess and Vdub and I never have sync issues anymore.

Typrocess (a component of tystudio) should output sync'd mpeg streams. Have you tried playing the mpgs? Were they in sync? I think tystudio allows you to offset audio -- make sure you have not done this in tystudio and make sure there is nothing in the offset selection in Vdub. Also you might want to get VdubMod and encode audio to mp3. That is what I do and it works fine.

If the mpgs are sync'd the only thing I can think of is to run them through dvd2avi and select "demux all tracks" the audio output file it will give you shouls have an offset in the file name. I used to use this and the offset from dvd2avi was always pretty accurate. Then just delete the files dvd2avi created, but write down the offset. Encode in vdub and enter the offset into the offset box.

05-07-2003, 11:05 AM

Yes the MPEGS play fine with no issues at all. I only have the problem after I try to convert them to Divx As for the second part I have attempted that and gotten a offset value of -8 on several of my recordings. I have then put that value into VirtualDubs value counter and it has still been off by quite some. I have been doing some more reading and some people this it may be the codec's in windows. BUT if this was the case would not the MPEGS have the audio offset as well in them?

I am willing to try to encode the audio into a mp3 BUT after cuting the tystream would this not cause a greater problem? (and how do I do it?)

05-07-2003, 11:28 AM
Well guys i got the solution to your problems! I have been using this for 6 months and it has NEVER failed me. its called MPEG2VirtualDub, you will need to download AVISynth 2.5 www.avisynth.com as well as virtualdub. Now the stream that you encode into one file must be an MPG the multiplexer in TyTool works fine and you can also create your .cut file as well before multiplexing to remove the commercials.
If you have any problems you can give me a try =) and if you get to have the 4:3 aspect ratio then tell me cause i have been trying to figure that one out for DIVx for awhile :) Here is MPEG2VirtualDub

05-07-2003, 11:37 AM

Care to give em a step by step and what you have everything set to? from TY file on with which software and in what order

Im my first post I have my settings and said

"From there I have attempted to us virtualdub-MPEG2-AC3 with options set to

Fast recompress
Divix 5.04 (yea I know I get the little logo to start off with)
Have tried divx 3.1 as well

Full processing mode
Compression LAME (various bit rates)"

FYI the proper link seems to be http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/avisynth2/AviSynth_208.exe?download for avisynth

05-07-2003, 12:48 PM
Ok i will write a nice little tutorial and put all the tools needed and one package. Stay Tuned!

05-07-2003, 01:47 PM
DgtHorse I'm looking forward to it thanks...

I'm not using tystudio, just tytool 6r3 I may try loading up tystudio and using it instead of tytool


05-11-2003, 02:27 PM
Hea DgtHorse did u forget about us? :)

05-11-2003, 07:30 PM
No infact i am trying to get it to work again! I downloaded the new MPEG2VirtualDub and it seems to not work the way it used to...i had no problems before but with the new version things just dont work the way they used to. I am trying everything to get this thing to work for me again but it always seem to give me an error and sorry to say that i gave up :(

05-11-2003, 08:03 PM
Care to upload the version that worked for you? Ill gladly take that because I tried for about 2 weeks and could not get it to work.. or what version were you useing?

05-11-2003, 10:09 PM
Ok I have gone bck to attempting to figure this out one step at a time. What I have discovered so far

1. It is NOT the compression of the Audio that is causeing the problem (or seems to be) I am pulling via tytools then converting to a mpg no transcodeing (Per Previous posts) so everything should be in a "standard" format.... WITH NO EDITS OF THE TY OR MPG FILES

From there I have pulled both VirtualDub MPG (http://home.attbi.com/~blade66) and (doom9) with the proper Codec's

First set of tests

1. Play the MPG and see if it is in sync... (Yep) WMP 6.4 with Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder ver 2.00 Codec
2. Attempt to dump mpg format to AVI format with several different compression methods AND audio set to source video and NO compression

This caused the Audio to be out of sync in about 30 seconds it was noticable and continued to get worse the more you played

Attempted compression changes were with
Divx 3.11a, 3.1 MPEG-4 Fast Motion, MPEG-4 Low Motion, Xvid, Huffyuv and Lastly to test something UNCOMPRESSED RGB.. Even with Uncompressed before 30 seconds you could tell it was out of sync

I will continue testing to figure out WHY WHY WHY or What I have to do differently

05-12-2003, 01:36 PM
I used to have a lot of sync problems, but when TyStudio came out this works perfectly. I encode a lot of PPV's, a couple of 1/2 hour shows in the 200's and even some VHS tapes recorded on my SA. As long as TyStudio can process them I am able to get a perfect encoding.
Software I use:
The latest binary version of TyStudio on the CVS
GordianKnot .26 Beta
VirtualDubMod 1.4.13
DiVx 5.0.2 Pro

I cut commercials in TyStudio and process it into a Generic MPEG2 with no transcoding

Use DVD2AVI (in gordianKnot) to create a d2v file and separate the audio. I set it to demux all audio tracks and I set it to forced film if I'm doing a PPV.

If the audio is DD I leave it alone. If it's MPEG audio I use GordianKnot as a front end to lame encoding the audio with "--alt-preset normal" options.

I then load the d2v file in GordianKnot and use the resolution tab to set the crop and resolution I want. GK has a great interface to do this and I get perfect crops with perfect aspect ratio every time.

Click Save & Encode. Set resize filter and deinterlace if necessary. Click save to create a .avs file

Open .avs in VirtualDubMod and bring in audio file (either VBR MP3 or AC3) and set audio delay. Set up codec the way I want it (usually 95% quality-based encode) and save to avi.

That's it, it's a bit convoluted but I get a perfect output every time (and batch jobs make it easier).

I will be interested to see how DgtHorse does it. But I'm guessing the cropping and resizing isn't as effortless as in my setup.

05-13-2003, 01:48 PM
Boy Do I feel stupid now.. after trying and trying and trying to get the audo synced right I ended up haveing to change the Video rate under video/frame rate This seems to have fixed my problems...

My solution now seems to be create mpeg with tystudio and import into virtualdub-MPEG2-AC3

NOTE: VirtualDubMod 1.4.13 does NOT seem to work

Ill note in the thread in a few days after I have had a chance to make a few full lenght movies and see if this works... based on the 5 minute clips I have been testing it seems to be working MUCH MUCH better than ever before