View Full Version : Newbie with Problem Recording

05-13-2003, 08:52 AM
Hi! I am new to hacking my standalone TiVo (aside from a harddrive upgrade 2+ years ago). I am using TyToolAlpha6r3 for the video extraction. I extracted a couple videos no problem and they play fine in WInDVD. However some of my older videos on the Tivo from 2+ years ago refuse to extract (using the mux output). These are recordings before TiVo added the VBR recording option (which I use exclusively now). So I tried to extract the older vids as a .ty output. I am trying to split that, but am not sure what I am doing wrong. Here's what I get:

G:\TiVo>vsplit13 -s hw.ty wh.m2v wh.m2a
Processing 'hw.ty': (10 chunks per tick)
errno = 2
Cannot open the input file: hw.ty

I am not sure why it won't open the input file. I did rename the file from the original extraction. Any ideas on how I can work with these older videos? I'd like to get them off my TiVo and burn to CDR after I transcode to DIVX. Thanks!