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05-22-2003, 10:51 AM
I've been working with TyTool6r3, TMPGEnc, and DVDWorkshop a lot lately and I've run into a few problems that apparently some of you have seen as well. I ran some searches but didn't come up with any solid solutions. I've done some experimenting and this is what I''ve come up with as working solutions to some of the problems I encountered.


I recently ran into a number of ty files that wouldn't mux after cutting them in GOPEditor. No matter what I did I kept getting the following error:

MUX: Have the body for P4-frame and Header for B5-Frame.
ERROR: Out of memory getting a new MuxNode buffer

This would cause TyTool to crash every time. I could mux the file with no problems as long as I didn't try to edit it but if I added a cut anywhere in the ty file I'd get the error. I found that if I extracted the ty file and then used TyFileSplit to trim off about 100-200 chunks at the beginning I could edit the file and get it to mux without crashing TyTool. Here's the command I used:

tyfilesplit file_in.ty file_out.ty 100 10000

The first number is the number of chunks that you want to trim and the 2nd number is the total number of chunks to process. This can be any number as long as it exceeds the total number of chunks in the ty file. Use the ratio of 4100 chunks per every 512MB as a guestimate. TyFileSplit will automatically stop processing when it hits the end of the ty file.

I had about six bad ty files (1/2-hour Seinfeld episodes) that gave me this error and every one of them muxed fine after performing this workaround. Try different values of chunk numbers for trimming. I just picked 100-200 arbitrarily because I had several minutes of padding at the beginning of each clip to play with so the numbers weren't critical to where the'd run into the recorded portion I wanted to keep.

DVD Workshop

During the import process I sometimes run across an error where DVDWS indicates that the file I'm trying to import contains no video. I believe this is occurring because my initial cut point is located on blank space (i.e. black screen) between a commercial break and the beginning of the video clip. I've found that if I move my cut point to just prior to the black screen so that I get some part of the video, the file will import into DVDWS without it squawking.

Another problem that occurs is during the compile process where I get an error after processing a video clip that says some frame numbers exceed the actual frame count. It appears that somehow the headers aren't getting rewritten properly during the remuxing process in TMPGEnc to the point where some of the frame numbers retain theior original designations. Since the total frame count is now less than the original ty file, GOP headers at the end of the clip have a higher ID number than the total number of headers in the entire clip.

I haven't found a solution to this one yet but I'm still working on it. I think it may be attributable to a bad ty file and I may not be able to work around the problem. If anyone else has seen this and come up with a fix please post your process for it.


Once when I tried remuxing a muxed file from TyTool in TMPGEnc I got an error indicating that the audio stream was invalid. I could see that there was a problem because when I select a file for muxing it usually appears in the window right away. The select button for the video file disappeared and then the audio file field remained empty after the video file finally imported. Muxing the file in this manner resulted in an mpeg file with no sound. This appeared to be another initial header issue with TyTool and was easily remedied by using the TyFileSplit utility once again to trim a small part from the beginning of the ty file before editing and muxing it. See the TyTool workaround above for using TyFileSplit to trim a ty file.

If I run across any more problems and fixes I'll post them. These are just a few that I could think of at the moment. If anyone else has anything to add please do so (like I really have to ask).

05-22-2003, 08:37 PM
Another DVDWS Workaround

If the progress bar stops dead during the compile progress while in the "Verifying and converting titles" phase (step 1 of 4), it means that one of the titles has not been patched to a DVD-compliant resolution. For example, if you have three titles in your compilation and the progress bar reaches about 33% and then just stops, the 2nd title has not been properly patched. Just patch the 1st header to 352X480 or 720X480, depending on which one you're using for the other titles (I believe 352X480 is the recommended setting for DVDWS). Click on the Capture function at the top of the screen and you'll get a message box that says the file has been modified and would you like to link to another file. Just click yes and let it reimport the file. You'll need to reset all your chapter stops, if any, for the affected title and possibly relink it to your menu but you should be able to compile your DVD once its been patched and reconfigured.