View Full Version : VBScript to rename files

05-23-2003, 01:08 AM
I wrote this VBScript applet for Windows users which does some renaming for TV episodes that have been extracted from TiVo. Put it in the directory where you have TyTool put your files.

You will have to open the VBS and customize it to those series you download. This file has 4 series, like The Simpsons, and the modifications are done in the beginning of the file.

After the episodes are divided into subdirectories, it goes to the Internet (epguides.com) and uses the episode title to rename the file with the Episode number. Thus

c:\My Files\The Simpsons-Bart After Dark.m2v
will be renamed to
c:\My Files\Simpsons\158-Bart After Dark.mpg

Please note that your Anti-virus software will flag this script, as it does all VBS files, but you can choose 'Authorize' (in NAV) to allow it to run.

Also note that it's fairly quick, but there is no "status bar" or anything to indicate it is running. I put a MsgBox at the end which will alert you that it has finished processing.