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05-24-2003, 09:16 PM
I have finally got to the bottom of the problems I was having with TYstudio and the production of VCD's so though I would share the information for anyone else who might have the problem in the future.

My problem was that I could not do anything with the mpeg's produced by Tystudio - any attempt at re-encoding the .mpeg's or even playing them in Windows Media Player would result those applications crashing. PowerDVD however had no such problem.

As people have pointed out, most freely available MPEG2 codecs have problems playing variable bit rate .mpeg files (which TYstudio produces for example.) where as PowerDVD has a much more forgiving codec.

I was using the NIMO codec pack on my machine and was happy that all my other avi's and mpegs played fine. What I discovered was that NIMO had installed a less stable codec that was being used instead of PowerDVD's.

I have now purged the NIMO codecs from my machine, and simply have PowerDVD, DIVX5, XVID (video codecs) and AC3 (audio codec) installed. TMPGenc (Plus version) is now using the PowerDVD codec to read the TYstudio mpeg file, and is able to produce perfect results everytime.

I am now able to extract TYstreams from my Tivo with commercials cut out, and have these encoded to .mpegs suitable for SVCD. I use TMPGenc to re-encode the files such that they fit on one (or sometimes two) CDR's.

As a final note, I found it is worth setting the Tivo to record in Medium quality to avoid a green line down the right hand side of the screen. It is however possible to use TMPGenc to cut off the green line using the cut settings under the advanced options.

(edit) NB. I have been informed that the green line is still a problem for people with DTivos.

05-25-2003, 08:03 AM
as a side note, if you have a SA tivo, you can tweak your resource settings in tivoweb, to adjust the resolution and bitrate at which your tivo records. If you pick the right settings, you can get most 1 hour shows (w/o commercials) onto a 800MB cd.

search for resource editor, or check out my page here:


just read the part on converting the resources. the rest is old. tystudio, and tytools6 take care of the rest.


05-26-2003, 01:05 AM
scooper: Are you running XP? What method did you use to purge all the unnecessary codecs? I was just trying to do the same thing but XP doesn't seem to want to let me remove any of them through the control panel.

05-26-2003, 08:58 AM
Originally posted by falderal
scooper: Are you running XP? What method did you use to purge all the unnecessary codecs? I was just trying to do the same thing but XP doesn't seem to want to let me remove any of them through the control panel.

I am running XP home edition.

Most good codecs have an uninstall program that uninstalls cleanly, however this was not the case with NIMO. NIMO seemed like a good idea when I first started using it many months ago, but I have since discovered that you cannot get rid of it - the control panel delete option does not seem to work either.

The NIMO uninstall left my machine in a mess (nothing would play, even for stuff I knew I had proper codecs for.)

It took me over 30 hours of frustrating troubleshooting, as I had to learn the hard way (there does not seem to be much information around on how to uninstall codecs) - if someone has a simple way then please speak up !

My searches on Google gave me information to remove some of the codecs manually, by deleting .dll's and .ax's and removing specific registery entries. This worked for some codecs but I could not figure out how to delete Morgan Stream switcher and Fraunhoff codecs.

I spent a couple of hours searching my registery, but gave up and decided to reinstall my machine from scratch.

After a couple of attempts at re-installing my machine and loading a few specific codecs (from NIMO), I decided to never ever ever use NIMO again.

The good news:

What has worked for me is to install XP, then install PowerDVD and TMPGenc. I then simply downloaded and installed the codecs I needed one at a time.

I have a large collection of .mpegs and .avis and I found that I could play all of them with the following set of codecs: divx5, xvid and an AC3 codec.

I strongly suggest that you do NOT install the Fraunhoff of Morgan Stream switcher codecs as these somehow overide PowerDVD's MPEG2 codec (you do not seem to specifically need PowerDVD's audio codec to play .mpegs produced by TYstudio.)

Alternative :

If re-installing your machine is too much effort for you, then an alternative is to download and use DVD2AVI to create a project file that TMPGenc can then use.

I have attached the AC3 and XVID codecs I use (You can get Cyberlink PowerDVD and DIVX from their respective sites.)