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05-26-2003, 04:27 PM
I am thinking about getting a TIVO but I don't know what would best suit my needs. I don't really know any of the terminology that I've read here so if you could be as clear as possible please do so. I have digital cable and am not willing to change to satellite so please give me suggestions accordingly. Also if there is a TIVO that would allow me to update my TIVO via internet while still subscribing to TIVO I would perfer that as well. Thanks in advance.

05-26-2003, 05:53 PM
Well, the best way to go is Direct TV / TiVo combo (DTivo). The advantages are: digital to digital signal, two tuners, and optical sound output. The down side is, you need to switch to Direct TV, and can't record cable or antenna.

You said you don't want to do this (why? if you're paying for digital cable, and have the extra boxes, remotes, etc... a DTivo would have all the same features, plus the tivo capabilities, plus eliminating the analog conversions).

Anyway, since you don't want to change, then your option is a Stand Alone Tivo (SA TiVo).

At the moment, you'd want a Series 1 if you're going to hang out here. Just because the hacks are available now. Check on ebay, but they aren't cheaper.

Or, you can get a series 2 SA TiVo, with the usb ports (not that they do anything, yet, other than plug your ethernet adapter in there rather than the tivonet cards for series 1s). It's also got a faster (but different, so S1 software won't run on a S2) processor, etc.

So your choices are, find an old model box, and hack away, or, get the new model box, and lurk here until the hacks you want are available (well, they are, but you have to hack your PROM... a bit more effort than tossing the drive in a PC).

But I still recommend you reconsider getting direct tv service and finding an old series 1 DTivo as the (currently) best way to have the widest range of options of what you can do with your tivo open to you. Even if you never hack it, DTivo is worth it just for the times there are two shows on at the same time you want to watch.

Please, please, don't mention you can watch one live, and record one with a SA Tivo... forgetting for the moment that you might actually have something better to do at that time of day... my thumb twitches to the imaginary catchup button every time I'm somewhere else and forced to watch a commercial. And that's after only 9 months. In a few years, I'm sure I'll suffer the same symptoms as the lead character in the latest William Gibson novel!

On the down side, Brandy Moore loves her Tivo, so she doesn't miss a second of "American Idol".

It's almost enough to chuck the Tivo out the window, just to prevent any inadvertant association with either of those. ;)

05-26-2003, 06:32 PM
The reason I won't go to DirectTV is that a barely pay anything for what I am subscribed to now and it is better than any deal I would get with DirectTV. Plus I have broadband through my cable company and get a discount for having both together.

So, SA (Stand Alone) what does that mean? That it isn't networked? Or does it mean that it doesn't communicate with TiVo?

Which would suggest then Series 1 or 2? I don't know how difficult the hacking involved would be so I don't know how far into that I would want to go. Is adding ethernet to Series 1 easy, hard or the same as adding a hard drive? I think that is something I could do with minimum diffculty.

Did you say that you can connect Series 2 to ethernet? That really is what I am looking for.

What drawbacks are there that keep people from going with Series 2 (over Series 1)?