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05-26-2003, 06:34 PM
Whooooooowee! It's been some ride! I have searched through more threads than I care to, tried more programs than I can count, and have fudged my way through more convertions than I can keep track of. Finally, I have ended up with a DVD of the first episode of Inuyasha. Here is how I went about it, followed by my thoughts on it:

Programs used:

Very simple. I used TyStudio, TMPGEnc, and TMPGEnc DVD Author to get a fully edited video on DVD.


Easy. I extracted the ty file using TyStudio and its "Copy to PC". I then used tydemux and tymplex to get a final MPEG2 mpg file. Next I edited out the commercials in TMPGEnc using the Merge & Cut tools. Lastly, I imported the edited video into TMPGEnc DVD Author which had no trouble creating a nice DVD of it all.


Considering I have had so much trouble in trying to get ANY DVD authoring program to accept the files I ended up with, I'm happy with the final result from TMPGEnc DVD Author. It's not the best quality, but considering all the things I tried (including steps given in other threads that resulted in rejected files from SpruceUp and other commonly used programs) I'm satisfied with the results.

First of all, I didn't expect much from this process. I don't expect to have great DVD backups of my TV programs until the next generation of PVRs anyway, so I'm not too dissapointed. I am, however, keeping backup DVDs of my ty files just in case there comes a program down the line that will combine all possible processes of video extraction and burning/image creation.

Well, that's my experience. I'm sure all the more experienced people here knew this stuff already, but I wanted to give my opinion on the video extraction and burning process of a frustrated newbie :)