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05-29-2003, 11:00 AM
So I took my friends hdvr2 unit and tried to do a drive copy to a new 120 and I think in my haste I might have tried to copy backwards as I did not see any hd activity when I first hooked it up anyways I ended up doing it right (I guess) with a drive copy from 40gb to 120gb, but now nither drives works. Since I didnt do a backup, I think my only option is to restore image from internet, I downloaded one but the image is a ".mfs" file, not a .bak file, could anyone help me get this on to new 120gb drive? Do I put .mfs file in c drive of computer, or do I put it on a cd? If it goes in my c drive do I just mount c drive then somehow do a mfs-restore? Thanx in advance for any help, g.

05-29-2003, 08:27 PM
First, you will need to downloand the johnnydeath CD image that has MFStools2 on it. That's the program for creating mfs files. It's in the link in MrBlack51's seminal post on how to hack the HDVR2 (which will send you to the Tivo community which has a link to the johnnydeath CD files). You'll need to download the files and burn them as an ISO image to a CD and boot from that CD. Ah, heck, here's where to go to get the ISO image of MFStools2: http://star1.jongans.com/mfstools2.iso

You asked: Do I put .mfs file in c drive of computer, or do I put it on a cd?
Ans: You could do either but I'd put it in your C drive since you'll need to put the johnnydeath CD in your CDROM drive and it'll make it simpler.

Then what you will want to do is follow the directions in the hacking the HDVR2 link for restoring an image (which are in the Tivo community link and I think may be reposted here). Specifically, you'll want to follow step 12:

12. Ok, now here is were we reverse the process and restore the backup on your drive. You have to perform this step even if you are re-using the TiVo original drive (not recommended), as we are going to use MFSrestore to create some additional partitions that are not present on your drive already. Note: Leave OUT the "-s 127" if you are re-using the "stock" drive! Your Windows partition should be mounted (note: if you don't know how to do this, read a few steps above this one) and ready to go, then type the following command:
mfsrestore -s 127 -xzpi /mnt/c/tivo-s2.bak /dev/hdc

Substitute the name of your mfs file for tivo-s2.bak in the line above. Also, this command assumes the drive you are writing to is hdc which I think is a secondary master. Usual setup is to have your windows drive as hda, your cd rom as hdb and your blank drive (or the one you're writing to) as hdc. If you have it elsewhere, you'll have to change that line accordingly.

You'll restore the .mfs image to the HDD of your choice and that should get you going again. You might want to add some of the hacks while you're at it (but it won't do you much good without a hacked prom).