View Full Version : YA Tivoweb Remote (OS X, Konfabulator)

05-30-2003, 09:49 AM
I'm playing with a Konfabulator widget (http://www.konfabulator.com) for Mac OS X as an interface for yet another TiVoWeb remote.

You'll need a) a mac b) OS X c) Konfabulator d) TivoWeb if you want to try it. It also adds OSD support if you have DisplayText.itcl installed.

It has all the controls, shows what the screen is displaying, what is currently recording, the next 6 shows to record, and the last 6 non-suggestion recordings. Shows are clickable to get the descriptions.

In the preferences, you'll fine a few important things, like the ip address for your tivo, and you can select from always behind, normal window behavior, or always on top.

Updates occur every 5 minutes, as long as the widget isn't currently selected (so you don't get updates while trying to skip through a commercial).

Anyway, if you're wondering, where you can get this... the answer is, PM me for now. I just want to see if anyone else is interested at the moment, if so, I'll release it once I'm done tinkering with it.