View Full Version : Fitting onto a single DVD/VCD. Its easy.

05-31-2003, 08:38 AM
Hi, I've been lurking for a while laying off extraction and just spent the last week playing around with the latest version of Tytools and TyStudio.

First impressions of Tytools was good as I've I stopped using jdiners stuff when I had problems with Sync on my UK tivo. So far it looks like the problem is cracked and he has made a great tool for simple extraction and copying to DVD, I love it.

The only problem I had is I used to use DVDToOne to shrink down onto one DVD, this product really rocks and really does work, but I got bored with the number of steps with Olafs stuff building a DVD then shrinking it so I've left off for a while. Unfortunately when I tried using this with TyTools it blew away on every IFO I tried, same story with DVDShrink. I guess jdiners method is doing something to the VOB structure these apps don't like.

So I opened up Tystudio, to be honest I was a bit disappointed, for all the stuff I've read I thought it would be better. However once I got to grips with how it worked I'm impressed and the effort has been put into the right places. The indexing is a cool idea, pulling straight off the tivo and once I'd created an IFO then DVDToOne worked straight off. Tops!

So if you want to not have to mess around with fitting your tivo output onto one DVD (or VCD after extracting from the VOB) I would highly recommend either DVDToOne or DVDShrink and using TyStudio, its all very easy. However for creating a DVD with menus it looks like JDiner has come up with the goods.

Thanks for all the effort.

05-31-2003, 03:02 PM
Please could you post your work flow.

I've tried Tystudio-> DVD patcher -> Tmpgenc -> Nero on a UK Tivo, but have had audio sync problems.

05-31-2003, 07:40 PM
Sure no problem. I keep things simple.


or in the case of Raging Bull which I recorded the other night at high quality and weighed in at 6gig

(under 2 hours from Tivo to DVD if you burn at x4)

My DVD burner is happy with Olafs output (so is my playstation) so I just set the video to Elemental stream in TyStudio as its the easy to just pull straight into IFOEdit. I don't have to bother with DVDPatching or anything, although from what I gather this is supposed to make the DVD more compatible with more players.

I had bad experiences with Tmpgenc and frankly got bored of wasting days trying to get it to do what I wanted. It was one of the reasons I backed off extraction until Olaf and Jdiner had made some more progress.