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06-05-2003, 12:26 PM
I start this thread for people that want to post questions about it. So here is the original post and a link for some pictures. You can create VOBs with 2 audio tracks also.

How to create a DVD with graphics menus with TyTool7, IFOedit and DVDlab. I'm using TyTool7r2, I think this method will change when a new release is available, I'll test and edit this as some of the software used changes.

I think by now you can extract your ty from the Dtivo, so the next step:
1- Make Key File
2- Edit Key File
3- VOB-Mux File
*If you want to create a 2 audio VOB, then do steps 1-3 again for the movie in Spanish, then demux the VOBs created with TyTool7, and jump to the 2audioVOB section
4- Create IFO Files/Dirs (see tytool7_001.gif)
5- Pick Files to VOB Multiplex (tytool7_002.gif)
6- Make Menu (tytool7_003.gif)
- select VOB
- select Menu Element
- choose ISO location
- fill Menu Title
- change Element Title
- select VOB link
- press Set Item
- press preview and you will see your menu (tytool7_004.gif)
- press Make ISO
7- Now you have a directory with AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folder and in VIDEO_TS folder some IFOs, BUPs and VOBs
8- go to IFOedit rip section

This is only needed if you want to create a VOB with 2 audio tracks, if not go to IFOedit rip section
1- Open IFOedit and select DVD Author - Author new DVD (2audioVOB_001.gif)
2- select video file, then first audio track and then second audio track (2audioVOB_002.gif).
- the files are from the demuxed VOBs made in TyTool7 section
- you can select the audio language but is not needed
- no need to set Chapters
- select destination
3- now you have IFOs, BUPs and VOBs in the destination directory

IFOedit rip section:
This section is to "rip" the DVD directory we have on the hard drive so we can end with only 1 VOB file so we can import that into DVDlab
1- select VTS_01_0.IFO from the DVD directory (IFOrip_001.gif)
2- press VOB Extras (IFOrip_002.gif)
3- check Rebuild PTS, change VOB Size to No split and select the output directory
4- you can remove the mark in AutoCopy Menu-files to destination because we don't need them, we only need the final VTS_01_1.VOB file that you can rename to picture.vob so we don't end overwriting a previous VTS_01_1.VOB file

DVDlab 1.15:
Download DVDlab version 1.1 then download the update to 1.15, import your picture.vob and do not demux it, author your menus, submenus, chapters as always, then compile the DVD.
You will end with an empty AUDIO_TS folder and a VIDEO_TS folder with VOBs, IFOs and BUPs. If you run PowerDVD and select to run DVD on hard disk and select the generated VIDEO_TS.IFO you will get audio because there is a new option in the Compile DVD window that say "Force audio in all Movies". If you have 2 or more audio VOBs then after you compile you can go to Tools - IFO Editor Audio, and change the settings there to reflect the number of audio tracks you have, language and MPA, AC3 2.0 or AC3 5.1.

IFOedit (no longer needed):
1- Use the new options in DVDlab 1.15 to get audio in your final DVD.

That's it. I hope this is useful.

If you find errors/shortcuts/fixes... you know what to do

Download the screen captures here (http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=101484)
NOTE: after more tests, DVDlab have a problem with GOP time stamps values, so the resulting DVD maybe will end with wrong chapters or bad overall time code that can make your player fail

06-05-2003, 12:33 PM
Originally posted by captain_video
bato- Nice How To for using DVD Lab with TyTool & IFOEdit. This is the kind of post that should be placed in a separate sticky along with other authoring methods that have been developed in this forum.

I'm about to try it using multiple titles instead of multiple audio tracks. It looks like it should be pretty straightforward for using your method with multiple titles but I'll probably give you a shout if I can't figure it out. I've been trying to get three Babylon 5 movies on a single DVD with DVD Workshop and I keep getting erors with at least one of the movies when I try to compile it (i.e. some frame numbers exceed the actual frame count).

One thing that I've noticed so far is that the three titles take up a total of 4.5GB in DVDWS whereas they show up as 4.7GB (or 5.1GB actual byte count) in DVD-Lab. Any idea why there's such a wide discrepency? Is DVD-Lab adding some extra stuff to the disc to inflate the total size of the project? I'm going to try it anyway with a different set of three titles since one of them was much larger than the other two. I'll post my results if and when I get it to work.
Because you asked, I started a new thread with this information.

There is no problem about using more than 1 VOB, you can import as many VOBs as you want into DVDlab, just remember that after the IFOedit rip section, to rename your VOB from VTS_01_1.VOB to something you can easily identify it, DVDlab can handle any name in the VOB.

If you get no audio with the resulting DVDlab DVD directory then you need to edit the IFOs that DVDlab just created (last IFOedit section), just in step 6 you need to "activate" the audio in all VTS_PGC_x sections and not just VTS_PGC_1, if you did only VTS_PGC_1 you will end with your first movie with audio but the next one (VTS_PGC_2) will not have audio.

EDIT: for the file size in DVDlab I don't know, maybe the software is guessing wrong (DVDlab or Workshop), so give it a try to find if you can fit it, if not maybe you can cut one show a little more or try some DVD shrinking software

06-05-2003, 01:12 PM
Some people will find this confusing and long, so here is the short version when you want only 1 audio and multiple movies:

- create a DVD with TyTool7r2
- rip with IFOedit to only 1 VOB (no split)
- rename from VTS_01_1.VOB to mytvshowXYZ.vob
- create as many vobs as you want in your DVDs
- use DVDlab to create the DVD, import VOBs without demuxing, Force Audio and IFO Editor Audio if needed
- burn your DVD

I think in the near future, all this can be reduced to:

- create VOBs with TyTool7rX
- import into DVDlab and create the DVD
- burn your DVD

that day this guide will no longer be needed.

06-05-2003, 02:34 PM
Thanks, bato. I used your method with three titles on a single DVD and everything seems to be good so far. I put the finishing touches on the compilation via IFOEdit at lunchtime and set up the DVD for burning with Nero while I went back to work. I did modify just the one PTS_VGC_1 file but fortunately I'm burning to a DVD-RW disc so no harm done. I'll make the change when I get home and try another burn.

06-05-2003, 06:21 PM
As I suspected, my first attempt yielded no audio on any of the three clips I authored with DVD Lab. I set the audio properties for each of the VTS_PGC files (1 thru 3) as you suggested and burnt another disc. This time the audio played fine on all three clips. However, when I tried playing the individual VOB files in PowerDVD (version 3.0 using Win2K), only the first VOB would play. The rest would cause PowerDVD to completely lock up. I don't really consider this to be a problem (for me, anyway) since I don't use PowerDVD for anything other than performing spot checks and capturing frames for menus & such. I never saw the attraction of sitting in a chair in front of a PC monitor to watch a movie when I could be enjoying it on a 50" screen with a high-end surround system.

One other strange anomalie I noticed is that every one of my chapter stops restarted the video clip back at chapter 1. All chapter stops that I added were there but just weren't referenced to the correct locations in the clip. I did notice that when I was adding the chapter stops in DVD Lab, the time line for each clip indicated that it was a full two hours long. This was correct for the original unedited clip but I had cut the commercials out of each clip, bringing the duration down to about 1 and 1/2 hours for each movie. I wonder if this had anything to do with the erroneous file sizes I was seeing earlier?

Aside from the chapter stop issue, the DVD played fine and the menus all functioned perfectly. I'll keep playing around with it to see if I can get the chapter stop thing worked out.

06-05-2003, 07:17 PM
I did some new tests, and found that sometimes for movies the first GOP timestamp is not 0:00:00:00 and this makes DVDlab put wrong chapter stops.

I'll start testing shows with more cuts, and I guess this is a problem also, I think the GOP timestamps are not reset, that's why we have problems with chapters.

The time shown in DVDlab = last GOP timestamp - first GOP timestamp, so if the timestamps are not reset that's why DVDlab will show time as a full show even if you cut it.

One way to reset timestamps is demuxing the VOB running ReStream0.89 and then create again the VOB.

I wish jdiner find an easy way to reset the timestamps when tytool output VOBs, or find another tool that can fix that without demuxing/remuxing.

06-05-2003, 11:48 PM
Originally posted by bato
...just in step 6 you need to "activate" the audio in all VTS_PGC_x sections and not just VTS_PGC_1, if you did only VTS_PGC_1 you will end with your first movie with audio but the next one (VTS_PGC_2) will not have audio.

Doh! Forgot this part. Followed your instructions and got a good disc...but lost audio after the 1st part.

Unfortunately, I'm still getting the momentary video freezes.

06-06-2003, 08:04 AM
I believe the momentary freezes are caused by a bug in the latest TyTool7r2. Josh just posted that he has found the cause and will most likely be posting an update to TyTool sometime soon with the fix.

06-08-2003, 02:31 AM
Now with DVDlab 1.15 the last step is no longer needed, you can Force audio in the Compile DVD window in DVDlab and you can edit your final IFOs if you have VOBs with more than 1 audio stream with Tools - IFO Editor Audio option.

I edited the steps to reflect this and I'll wait for next TyTool release to post new screen captures.

06-08-2003, 04:52 AM
a bit off topic, but still relates to TyTool skipping. When I have TyTool7r2 mux to an mpeg, the resulting file skips audio a bunch. So I then use TMPGEnc to demux it then mux it back, and then the new mpeg plays fine. I guess this issue will be fixed in R3.

06-08-2003, 11:43 AM
Originally posted by bato
If you run PowerDVD and select to run DVD on hard disk and select the generated VIDEO_TS.IFO
Where do you select to run DVD on hard disk in PowerDVD? If I select "Play Files" I do not get an option to chose .IFO files. I have version 4.x that came with a Dell computer, I don't know if that is the problem.

Sorry if this is OT, but it has stumped me for a while, and is driving me crazy !!

06-08-2003, 01:04 PM
Nevermind, I found it.

It is not available in the version I have. I am going to update it and see if that makes it available.