View Full Version : TyStudio ~ TyTools questions, please someone with some KNOWLEDGE!

06-07-2003, 06:00 PM
i have been browsing, soaking up knowledge for a few days since I did major upgrades on my SA SVR2000........... (enet, new HD, tivoweb, tyServer,etc)

got a few questions.... if ya dont mind!

1) "noscramble" -- what is it? I have 3.0 tivo software... is this still an issue? what do I need to do as far as server-side config of the software? (TyStudio or TyTools)

2) right now I have TyStudio installed with the daemon running from rc.sysinit ........ it seemst to work but my Tivo crackles and freezes when downloading Video into TyStudio on my PC. Is this normal? would TyTools work better? any way to "nice" the TyStudio server component so it doesnt interfere with MyWorld?? help!

3) any problem running BOTH TyStudio and TyTools on the same Tivo? any advantage to this? bad idea?? which do you guys prefer (please not to start a war-- I am a beginner so I am just looking for advice....)

4) I also have the mfs_ftp TCL script installed running.. do I need this? is it just slowing my tivo down or is it useful?

5) any HOWTOs or newbie guides on getting the video on to a 4.7gb DVD-R would be very much appreciated..... I am familiar with IfoEdit, VirtualDub, TMPGenc, DVD architect, Nero, etc... but as far as I know isnt it possible to NOT have to re-encode the MPEG, just to go straight to DVD? i mean isnt that partially the POINT of ripping directly from the tivo?

sorry for so many questions!! answers are much appreciated!!!:D

06-07-2003, 10:23 PM
Noscramble only applies to DirecTivos so don't worry about it. TyStudio still has a lot of issues and can cause problems on some Tivos while running in the background. I'd stick with TyTool7r2 until Mr.Bassman can get the bugs worked out of the mess Olaf left him. There's no problem running both TyTool and TyStudio on the same Tivo. TyTool only runs during the extraction process but you'll still have the same problems with TyStudio you're seeing now. Again, mfs_ftp only runs during the extraction process so it shouldn't be a problem. There are tons of posts with step-by-step instructions on getting a ty file to a DVD-R. Unfortunately, every previous attempt to consolidate them has fallen flat so you're pretty much left to using the search button to find them. You should be able to find instructions posted in the major threads on each authoring tool. Right now, TyTool is probably the closest thing you'll see to going from a ty file to a set of DVD-compliant files ready for burning with Nero or other similar software.

06-07-2003, 11:46 PM
ok thanks for the response... more questions........

1) any where to find info on the different formats that mfs_ftp produces ( tmf, ty+, etc ) ?

2) i assume that these huge files are not actually being created/duplicated by the mfs_ftp server, but are merely "virtual" files that are somehow encoded or generated "on the fly" ?? am I wrong? or are these taking up/wasting space on my tivo HD?

3) if I wanted to "uninstall" TyStudio and remove all traces of it, I assume I would just do the following: (is this right??)

a) remove the entries to launch the demon from rc.sysinit
b) delete the /var/index dir and all files it contains

anything Im missing??

06-08-2003, 07:57 PM
Check the mfs_ftp thread for info on tmf files. Ty files are the principle format for Tivo extractions. Tmf files contain the program title and description of the show and also have the show broken down into fsids (i.e. 512MB chunks). I believe ty files are just the fsids for a recorded program extracted as one huge file without the text portions.

You can uniinstall TyStudio using the method you described except that you might want to make sure you're only deleting the TyStudio files from /var/index and nothing else. I can't remember if the /var/index file existed prior to installing TyStudio or if it was created during the installation. The entries in rc.sysint actually launch a daemon (not a demon as you implied, unless you hail from Sunnydale, CA.).