View Full Version : Wichone should I get???

06-08-2003, 02:01 AM
Zup guys:

Im very new, but want to get good at this and enjoy all Tivo can offer.

I want to get a Dtivo and have to buy it through ebay (u know why, DTV)

I've seen the GXCEBOT and HDVR2 when searching...

whichone is better, the GXCEBOT because is cheaper ? or the New serires2 HDVR2 better CPU etc..... ???


PS: I want to get it as soo as possible

06-08-2003, 02:46 AM
gxcebot is a series 1. all the major hacks were designed for it, such as 25xtreme, and upgrade31. also, most of the information out there is for the series 1 units. if you want a relatively quick install, then a series 1 unit is a good choice, despite the generally higher price.

the hdvr2 is a series 2 unit. basically, its cheaper for tivo to make, and it has usb ports. the cpu speed doesnt make stuff much faster (if at all) due to the software mpeg handling rather than the chip based solution in the series 1. depending on where/when you get it, a series 2 unit is often cheaper than a series 1. also, there are a few hacks that dont work, and there are no automated tools currently for installation. the usb ports means a cheaper and more readily available ethernet solution.

you seem like a relatively new and inexperienced user. i recommend a series 1 dtivo

06-08-2003, 02:10 PM

From what I see on ebay, I will pay from 230 up to 280 300 maybe.

I think that also the Series 1 its easier to add the extra HDD on its free space.

I have read throuh 2, 3 long FAQ and I think this is basically the steps to follow:

Back Up image

Restore in New and Bigger HDD (137GB max)

Install 2.5Xtreme

Check on LifeTime Subs. (5)

Tivo Ready for Use.

Upgrade to Kraven's

.. and maybe many other hacks later..

Correct me if Im wrong ... and also let me know if anyone is selling a S1 DTivo at good price, trusted seller.

BTW, what happens If I buy a Series 1 that has been updated by the phone line to 2.5.2 or 31.? Do I apply the Kraven's upgrade or have to do it from the begining withe Xtreme 2.5?


06-08-2003, 10:38 PM
The GXCEBOT are hard to find..... Im watching over one at 200.....

Though if I dont find another. would a HDVR2 at $259.99 $279.99( Buy Now) be at good price ??

Im really desperate to get working on Tivo Hacks.